Are you Duncan, Courtney, Geoff, Beth, Heather, Harold, Gwen, Trent,etc.? Find out witch total drama island character that best matches your personality!

Total Drama is awesome and every one knows it. There are good and bad characters throughout every single season that we learn to love. Find out witch is like you!

Created by: Duncanisthebest!!

What do you like to do for fun? Read Whatever I want to Manipulate Be with friends Anything I should"nt do Something quiet that"s not against the rulesWho is your favorite? Duncan Courtney Gwen Trent Heather Izzy/Kaleidescope/ExplosivoWhat is your favorite color? Black Green Pink Don"t care about colors Red BlueYour talents include...

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Breaking things Fighting Arts and crafts Surfing Anything dangerous Karate/Martial artsWould you rather...? Surf Carve a skull into a tree Make friendship bracelets Study Trick someone into doing you a favor Do something stupid/fun/crazyYou hate... Heather Duncan Courtney Harold Beth GeoffYour friends think you are... A rising rebel A bit bossy Loud and wild Mean and bossy Cool DorkyYou think that Duncan is... AWESOME Rude and obnoxious Gangster wannabe Coolest guy ever Dangerous WeakIf you could do anything, you would... Carve a skull into a tree Read all day Manipulate Make friends Anything dangerous Something quiet that"s not against the rulesYou think of yourself as... Bad to the bone A natural born leader Loud and wild Kind A smart person with mad skills MusicianDid you like this quiz? Yes☺ No😔 Maybe😑 None of your business😯 Yes☺ Yes☺

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Quiz topic: What total drama character am I?

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