One Tree Hill starts its ninth and final season tonight, and although it began as a relatively late-mill teenage soap, it becomes a lunar fiesta that makes the current ABC Family series look like guides for being Amish and making it a bubble soap during the day. Here is your handy, simplified guide for all that transpired at One Tree Hill, from comas, shootings, graduation works, dogs who devour hearts to more photos, to the chance to get up before tonight’s debut.

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Lucas and Nathan are halfbrothers who don’t like one other, but like girls — Peyton, Haley, Brooke— and basketball, often like the same girls. They quarrel, they hold themselves at a gunpoint, the father of Peyton is lost at sea, Lucas falls into a coma, Brooke is afraid of pregnancy, and Haley and Nathan get married to teenagers. Peyton helped create a tragic nightclub in the second season and got engaged in drugs and Jake, a teenage father. Haley is touring, and Nathan gets into a coma and Nathan’s dad seeks to annul the marriage and Haley returns. Eventually, in Season three Peyton’s birth, the mom gets cancer. Lucas and Brooke finally get together.

Which One Tree Hill character are you

People fake not knowing how to swim. A college shooting is happening – recall, it is the first half of the year – leaving Peyton gravely wounded and in love with Lucas. Also, you will find out which One Tree Hill character are you in this quiz.

One Tree Hill, which could and did not show time and time again, came to an emotional finale after nine seasons on Wednesday night. But how did Brooke, Haley, Nathan, and the rest of North Carolina’s little village live?

Haley James Scott usually put in a proper tone, addressing the Tric throng, ‘Tonight is a really momentous occasion for us, as most of you know, so I would like to take a while to thank you for being here. We spent so much time together over the years and would not be here tonight without you. Thanks. Thanks. Your night, our night, and all sorts of surprises!’ It is yours!

The episode started with a stroll down a memory lane for three of the main characters in this series, Brooke, Nathan, and Haley. The amazing visual sceneries were followed by emotional monologs from each and everyone through to the finish. At that point, people seemed to be addressing their earlier selves by winking, nodding in iconic instances from the season I—Nathan on the free line, Brooke’s cheerleading, and Haley’s backing from the stands — as, “we did. We’re all OK.”

About the quiz

In the fourth season, “Derek,” presumably Peyton’s half-brother, was introduced. Shortly after Peyton’s mother, Ellie, died he came to the show and we thought he was anxious to search his sister, who had long vanished. What One Tree Hill character are you?

There was something strange about Derek it didn’t take long until it became evident.

Nathan caught up with an unscrupulous lending-hay named Daunte Jones during the fourth season of the show. After Dan reject to help rescue Nathan, he thought he had nothing else to go and accepted Daunte’s support.

Daunte finally wanted Nathan to lose a game of basketball to win a wager and forced him to shave points before that. If Nathan refused to lose the game, Daunte received his vengeance by slapping his automobile on Haley. Then Lucas suffered a heart attack to make it even more dramatic.

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Rachel Gatina did so nasty one tree hill. It has made her not only a prostitute and a drug addict but also Dan Scott’s married! Even worse, by the time she gets back in season seven, Rachel’s somehow the worse. They threw four character development out the window for her entire season.