Click the Where-am-I? icon () on a worklist or the equivalent Where-am-I? button (

) on a work object form to view, in a separate window, the Visio diagram of the current flow rule, with a larger arrow marking the current assignment.

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This display shows the stack of one or more incomplete flow executions in progress that lead to a specific assignment or other incomplete task. It does not show the entire work object history, which may involve other flow executions now completed.

Only users who hold the Work-.Perform privilege can display and interact with the diagram.

If your application is localized, the labels on this display are localized (when displayed from a WorkManager or WorkUser portal).


This window has three panels:

The top panel contains one or more flow names, identifying the current flow execution in progress and parent flows. Completed flows and parallel in-process flows do not appear. The left panel contains an image of one flow rule (in Visio diagram form), with a golden arrow marking the current assignment or task. The right panel contains selected details from the history of this work object.

  Top panel

The top panel presents flows in the current flow stack. The flowstack is the current list of flow rules in process for a current task. It does not include completed flow executions, or other executions operating on this work object in parallel to the current execution.

The flow at the top left was started first, and in most cases is the flow that created the work object. Each flow is the parent of the next subflow presented. The flow at the bottom left is the subflow that contains an incomplete assignment.

Click a flow name to select it and view details in the left and right panels. The selected flow name has a Yellow background.

  Left panel

The left panel contains an image of the Visio diagram for the flow selected.

A golden arrow () identifies the current shape, typically an assignment.

Click the  Show All Steps   button if visible to mark each complete assignment plus the current assignment with a yellow check mark. Click  Hide All Steps   to hide these check marks.

Click Open Flow to open the flow rule in the main portal window. (This button is visible only when the Where-Am-I? display is opened from the Developer portal.)

  Right panel

The right panel displays selected items from the history of the work object, for the flow that is selected (and marked with a Yellow background) in the top panel.

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For assignment shapes, the display includes:

The date and time the assignment was created (or that the router task was executed, if a router task is associated with the assignment) The operator who performed the assignment The connector flow action that completed the assignment The date and time the assignment was completed.

For other shapes, the contents of the right panel depend on history options in the flow rule.

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