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Our beloved Finn Wolfhard, known mainly from the "Stranger Things" series, is a real actor made of flesh and blood. Well, he is not only involved in acting but also a few other, equally fascinating things. In addition to acting in movies and series, he is also a screenwriter and director. This is not the end of Finn"s versatility - as if that was not enough, he also makes music. The Finn Wolfhard Quiz is a one-of-a-kind exam for all passionate fans. An exam that will check if you know this personality inside out.

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Who"s Finn Wolfhard?

For those who came here by accident and have no idea who Finn is, we are in a hurry to answer. This seemingly young Canadian (born December 23, 2002) has several major successes to his credit. It is impossible not to mention "Stranger Things" here, the original Netflix series that beats all records of popularity. Mainly from this production, Finn made himself known to a wider group of fans.

It was this Netflix production that opened his way to fame. A year after his debut in the aforementioned series, Wolfhard played the role of Richie in the film adaptation of Stephen King"s "It". Later years were not any less fruitful, quite the contrary. In 2018, he got a role in another movie, Dog Days. All of Finn"s filmography is much more extensive, and as a devoted fan, you should know it by heart. After all, you"re here to test your knowledge in the Finn Wolfhard Quiz, right?

Popularity at a young age

Fame has its highlights and shadows. The young Finn Wolfhard found out about it more than once. The teenage actor admitted that he had stalkers. As he became a world-class star already as a child, he was not prepared for everything that comes with popularity and recognition. Unfortunately, like many stars of the younger generation, he has learned the hard way about the dangers of popularity.

Finn revealed during one of the interviews that when he came home from the set, he had been followed by someone.

“I was walking home alone and I saw someone following me. I quickened my pace, they also accelerated. By the time I got home, I was already pretty scared. At some point, these people ran up and asked for a photo together. " - he recalls in an interview with "Mastermind Magazine".

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Everything About Finn Wolfhard Quiz

Now let"s focus on what is most important: checking the level of your knowledge about the young Canadian actor. If you know Finn only from "Stranger Things" then you don"t have a good chance. The Finn Wolfhard Quiz covers every detail about this personality, from the time of his youth, before he even thought about acting, ending with the present day, when he is already a star recognized all over the world. If you are feeling insecure then perhaps you should trace his biography and additional details about him. Only with a lot of knowledge, you will be able to get a decent result.