You can start the following Haum Sweet Haum missions when you"re done with the False Profits Main Operation. We"d recommend you unlock the Security Shutdown Research upgrade before you continue to make things a little smoother.

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Head to the garage and talk to Wrench then make your way to the objective marker. Enter the building through the door around the back, head up the stairs, and use the Jumper to unlock the door via the air vent. Interact with the computer to start the mission.

Heist Sweet Heist

Stealing the van can be accomplished through stealth, but as with Cyberdriver there will come a point where stealth is no longer an option so the quickest way to achieve your goal is to swim across to the dock opposite the office, climb onto the adjacent building, alert the guard on the roof, and then drop down to the area with the van.

The guards will summon reinforcements who will helpfully open the gates for you while you climb aboard, and in the ensuing confusion you should be able to escape pursuit with no difficulty. Take the van back to the garage and talk to Wrench again.


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Swimming Upstream

When you reach the next marker, tap into the network and head to the restricted area. You need to get inside the server room on the upper floor first, either by stealth or brute force, and activate the central console.

There are a few civilians and robots in the courtyard, and more civilians and a handful of guards inside to deal with or avoid, but once the console is activated you can leave the restricted area for a bit of a respite so a quick in, quick out approach is favourable.

Once the console is activated and you"re safely hidden, hack the cameras in the courtyard and use them to flip the switches that are placed around the outside of the tower.

Once the final switch has been triggered you"ll be given a camera"s-eye view of the secure server from where you can trigger the download of the data. Once it"s started transmitting you"ll be given a small zone on the minimap that you need to stay within whilst the transfer takes place which will require remaining in the courtyard for a while, so at this point the ability to disable robots comes in very handy.

If you can"t switch them off you"ll need to keep circling round the flowerbeds remaining hidden instead, but thankfully they stick to a slow and predictable pattern.

Once the mission is over, you"ll be moving onto Looking Glass.

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