I'm looking for a good entity to use for a draconic type Great Old One for a 5e warlock patron. Preferably one with a good, or neutral, alignment, and that could be viewed as a father figure.

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Please explain further.Being an avid reader of the Mythos the term "draconic type Great Old One" makes no fucking sense to me.

5e DnD Warlocks can have a "Great Old One" as a patron. It's not necessarily Lovecraftian. It's described as a mysterious entity whose nature is utterly foreign to the fabric of reality. Just looking for one that might manifest itself as a dragon, and could be viewed by my character as a father figure(even if it's delusionally so)

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Zilant (Tatar, Russian: Зилант) is a legendary creature, something between a dragon and a wyvern. Since 1730, it has been the official symbol of Kazan. This winged snake is mentioned in legends about the foundation of Kazan.


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You may need to make something up on your own mate. The kind of patron you're describing is so far removed from what has been published on the subject before and the general flavor of the Great Old One patron archetype.

You're reaching quite a bit to connect "Great Old One" with "good or neutral"," father", and "dragon". A Great Old One pact is with an entity utterly alien and largely indifferent to mortal kind. What you can have, however, is an insane character.

Use the dragons from the Privateer Press Hordes game as inspiration - titanic, reality-warping monsters - but you never need to show one "on-screen"

Your character is just plain nuts. They hear voices which are sometimes benevolent and sometimes not, they draw power through their connection to this alien entity, and they ascribe it aspects of "fatherhood" that are completely a product of their own delusions.

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The entity itself is probably not even aware of your warlock - the PHB specifically says that many Great Old Ones grant their power unknowingly to warlocks who connect to it through weird and hideous rituals. Waking up their "patron" is the last thing many of these warlocks actually want to do. They just tap the power while the thing is sleeping.