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Waluigi:What's up losers, it's me Waluigi!What? New opponents? Wah! Too easy!You can't stop my powers, I'll snap you like a twig!I'll be dancing on your grave to this groovy dance jig!You need the force of a million battalions!But the best you have is a dumbass italianThink you can beat me?!Rejections perfection!Drop the protection, give in to the infection!Mario:Your obsession for rejection must be a weird complexion!The only power you have is making guys lose erections!Heres marios tip, go and cry to Wario!We'd all agree, that be the best scenario!Don't wanna be rash but your backstorys trash!Having a tantrum because you weren't put in smash?Have a sit down bro, its time to go to class!Cause we're about to school your purple lanky ass!SMG4:When will you ever come to your senses?You're a weakling disguised with demonic hexes!Hold on folks, things are getting tighter!You don't even qualify as a damn echo fighter!You just sound like noise pollution!Getting rid of you is the only solution!Come on now, your image is being defiledYour like Nintendo's accidental child!
WaluigiOh now my mercy has just departed!Now this is where things get really started!You cant beat the power of my hypnosis!COME ON BOB!Give em' their diagnosis!Bob:OH CRAP BOIS!BOB IS HERE AND SAKURI DADDY JUST MADE HIM S TIER!HOLD YOUR PINGAS CAUSE ITS GOING TO THROB!WHEN IT LAYS HIS EYES ON THE MAGNIFICENT BOB!Meggy:Waluigi!Your tyranny nears its end!Fishy Bookpins:You're so mean!Tari:Y'know, fighting's kinda lame!Why don't we all just play some games?Heh hehMario:Your half baked rhymes are clearly evident!Cause you're based on a meme too irrelevant!Your ass getting wrecked in a state of permanence!Looks like you're gonna have to end your turbulence!
Waluigi:And in the red corner with an infinite weight!Here's a fat idiot who can't even look straight!The only thing you can do is hump a pasta bowl!Just stay being useless, while i take control!SMG4:Listening to you is like a new form of torture!I liked it better when you were just a launcher!Perfect epitome, of the word "miserable"!The annoyance you bring is definitely considerable!Waluigi:You impotent fool!You think you're so cool!Your youtuber influence is super miniscule!Your just a tool!Mindless as you drool!Go back to your channel they call a cesspool!Mario:Waluigi!Time to bring this to a close!Listen closely!Cause this is how it goes!Now whenever your ugly face is rejected,Your power seems to be greatly affected!

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SMG4:There has to be one person left that likes you!Sounds crazy right?But it has to be true!Waluigi:What that's impossible!Why do you persist!Such a twist surely can't exist!Wario:Waluigi!!!I am here to say i'm sorry!I should treat you better!And I'll never reject YOU!