my package has been sitting at the same UPS location (San Pablo, Ca.) for 2 days now and i"m about 50 miles away from it and its been the weekdays Mon. - Wed. and I get this on my tracking today(Wed.): "Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed. / Delivery will be rescheduled." what the hell does that mean?"

I live in Ontario ,Ca and one of my packages was out for delivery from Ontario,Ca (same city were I live ).

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Afternoon at 4:09 pm I got a message that my package delivery will be rescheduled due to operating

conditions.Later ,the same night I checked to see if they rescheduled ,but it shows the same thing ,

no rescheduled date or hour. When I will get my package and why is this is happening if I saw even

the UPS vehicle on the next street to ours around 2 pm ?

Same here, I"m from san jose cali which isn"t too far from San Pablo and my delivery date was supposed to be today but got this last night

10:00 P.M.

Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed. / Delivery will be rescheduled

I live in eastern PA. My package was picked up in Chicago, delivered to Hodkins, IL a day later, it left a day and a half after that (with an intermediate "Due to operating conditions...") and arrived in Western PA (New Stanton) a day after that. Surely I"ll get it the next day! 5 days later it departed Sparks NV (with no previous arrival there) and then it arrived about 14 hours later in Salt Lake City. A day later, "Due to operating conditions..." was posted, and two days later it supposedly departed Salt Lake City. That was on Friday 12/9; this is Sunday evening 12/11. I wonder if it will show up this week or if it on its way to Portland or some other place not in eastern PA...

I called UPS, they said there was a problem with the plant/line something like. Could take 48 plus hours just to update the delivery date, not to mention get the package to me I live in Lake County so I am about 70-80miles away. Was tempted to drive there...but I guess I needed a lesson in patience.

Hoping they will figure it out soon, and update the tracking so I have a clue as to when instead of just "delayed" Best wishes.

More online orders were placed last weekend (black friday + cyber monday) than any other weekend all year. That means that carriers have the highest volume of handled packages 3-6 business days after the first shipping pick up day of the week which is monday. UPS is simply backed up and are having operating issues in certain hubs such as Jacksonville and San Pablo this year. UPS will make necessary changes to alleviate the pressure on these centers. I bet they already have their elite people there sorting out the mess.

I am dealing with the same issue, I just got a package Monday from Amazon with no problems. Via UPS. Then another package I ordered shipped, out of nowhere I get an update from Amazon. Com via my Amazon app saying that "due to operating issues my package might be delayed ". It still clarified that it still is on it"s way and says it"s arriving between Wednesday and Sunday. Since then it is not giving me an update to what is going on. I live in Nevada and it is in California. So it is close. But I don"t understand what is wrong. I got my other book no problem, this book is experiencing that issue getting here. It makes no sense. I got them both from Amazon. I ordered both directly off Amazon. Not through any sellers. The 3rd book I ordered, from an outside seller, is on its way fine. But this one is still experiencing that issue.

Yes mine was supposed to be delivered today by UPS and I even paid them $8. extra to lock in a two hour delivery but after it was tracked as "Out for Delivery" suddenly this changed to "Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed. / Delivery will be rescheduled "- and now there is no delivery date scheduled.

I think, if they have damaged the package or something like that, they may have an internal investigation and possibly contact place of origin for a replacement.. Just a guess, because I have the same issue with something now for a few days, but I get deliveries every day from the save sorting facility.

Hmmm, It IS the holiday season and a lot of people bought things on "Cyber Monday", so now would be the delivery dates for all those purchases. It may be that the San Pablo office is very small and they have a lot of packages that have not been routed yet. I would call and ask if you can pick up the package from the San Pablo office in person - you can do that, you know.

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I got the same message at 11pm on 12/7 for my package which has been sitting in San Pablo since 2pm on 12/7. I waited 40 hours without any online update and then tweeted customer service. Their response was that the transport has arrived in San Pablo but has not been unloaded nor sorted.

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