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Zheng Shi StationPlanetSystem
"The Pirate Asteroid"


A pirate station built on the largest asteroid in the asteroid field of the Herisiod System.



Upon trying to enter Zheng Shi for the first time one must Submit the password "Fuck You" or ask for help from the crew or run. Submitting the wrong password results to space battle. You can defeat all enemies or slip in. Losing leads to bad end.

The password can be obtained from Kiro after completing her distress call and she is not currently being held captive by Illustria Po. Calling on Paige if she is a crewmate will cause her to insult and threaten the harbormaster causing them to grant you access.

After entering Zheng Shi using the password Steele will be challenged by Urbolg. Losing once allows you to try land on the asteroid again and be challenged by him again but losing a second time results in him taking you as his pet (bad end). If the player uses the wrong password but by some miracle repels Zheng Shi"s orbital defenses, Urbolg will not bother attacking the player since he believes that you have already proven yourself to be as strong or stronger than most of the pirates on the station.

Advance inside

It is considered a necessity for the player to interact with Overseer Maike at least once in order to recover the Zheng Shi Data Probe. This is because the probe is located in the The Scaffolds which by default is inaccessible. The only way to get there is to either obtain the Spacesuit Helmet from her, combine it with the incomplete Pirate Spacesuit to create the Pirate Spacesuit, and Spacewalk to repair the elevator to The Forge. Other space suits are currently not accepted.

Alternatively, the player can pretend to be a Slave and be sent to the Slave Pen where they may join a slave chain-gang, be picked out with Ardia by Agrosh, and taken to The Forge"s break room. If the player doesn"t take the opportunity to join the chain-gang the only option they will have at that point is to fight Overseer Maike and take the helmet by force. Losing leads to bad end.

Places of Interest

Cargo Elevator - Initially inoperable, it connects all four floors. Can be repaired by assembling the Pirate Spacesuit and Spacewalking from the Airlock.Emergency Airlock - Located in the Geddanium Mine.The Sidewinder - The ship the whole operation is built around. Located in the Scaffold


The map of Zheng Shi Station and its connected mines.

Hangar Bay

Artificer"s Office - Urbolg, can Spacewalk from here to the Airlock in the Geddanium Mine Cargo Elevator


MineshaftMaike"s Quarters - TivfSlave Pen Dead End - Slave Uniform Hot Tunnels Glimmering Corner The Pit - Overseer Maike Geddanium Mine Emergency Airlock - Has an incomplete Pirate Spacesuit

The Forge

Map of the forge.
Foundry - Forgehound and ladders to the Scaffolding Prefab Break Room - Agrosh, Ardia and an upgraded Dong Designer Software Development - SnakeByte and Fedora Robotics Lab Circuit Lab


Trials In Tainted Space Rat Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Map of the scaffolds.

Can only exit the Cargo Elevator on this floor after unblocking it. Otherwise it must be reached by ladders from the Forge

R&D LabDr. Teyaal"s Office

Recreation Deck

Map of the recreation deck

Can only be explored after defeating the Shock Hopper

Gold Alley Green TrailApex RingCrimson PathLorelei"s HouseVulriks" Shop


List of notable NPCs that are core to the location; encounterable hostiles and the like etc.Again, probably subheading things as appropriate. If its something that doesn"t warrant a page, leave it here, otherwise link to the page with some blurb action.


Urbolg - Korgonne artificerTivf - Zil slave of Overseer MaikeOverseer Maike - Cylirian Slave overseerArdia - An Alpha dzaan pleasure slaveRodenian Mechanic - anonymous mouse-girlOlympia - Gryvain shaped android. Assistant to Dr. TeyaalDr. Teyaal - Gryvain engineer working on the SidewinderLDC - Boss of the jumper gangCherry - Rahn Proprietor of Cherry"s Tap HallRoo - Bunny-eared Kaithrit Blackjack dealer at the CasinoDane - Between jobs, having been fired by Jack/Jill SteeleMinuet - Galaxy-Class Thief and Femme FataleVulriks - Anatae Black Market Dealer and Smuggler


General Strategy: Most of the enemies found on Zheng Shi are roaming the mines and forge. It is, understandably, very hot and sweaty in these parts of the asteroid, not to mention, jerry-rigged machinery and toxic chemicals are distributed all over to catalyze the mining and construction processes. So, the hostiles encountered have taken precautions to keep the cool in and the heat, electricity, and hazardous materials out. With the exception of bosses and the Mining Robot, most of the enemies have Massive resistance to burning, electric, and corrosive attacks. But, homeostasis can be disrupted if the player takes advantage of cooling systems with freezing attacks. Just like on Tarkus, mechanical enemies like the Mining Robot, the Excavation Robot, and Roz can be short-circuited using electrical attacks. The weapons that each enemy uses vary widely based on their own class.

Mining Robot - Mining Robots working in the MinesBored Jumper - Laquine pirates looking for a fresh sweaty slave to fuck in the mines.Roz - Hostile Galotian Powersuit driver.Overseer Maike - Overseer of the mining operations on Zheng Shi, located in the pit in the mines.Excavation Robot - Mining Robot working on the outside of the Mines. One time fight while Spacewalking.Forgehound - Leithan with alpha dzaan/Ausar mods, member of the Corana Lords, found guarding the ladder to the scaffolds. Corona Lord Flamer - Huskar pyromaniac patrolling the forge, member of the Corana Lords. Agrosh - Thraggen Chief of the forge, located in the break room with Ardia.Cyberpunk Security Operatives - Kaithrit members of the Cyberpunks found patrolling the forge.Slyveren Slavebreaker - Members of the Star Vipers gang.Doctor Teyaal - Chief Engineer of the construction of The Sidewinder, found in her office on the scaffolds. Rat Thieves - Members of the gang Rat"s Raiders and are potentially hostile NPCs.Shock Hopper - 2nd in command of the Jumper and final boss of the min quest on Zheng Shi.

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Trials In Tainted Space Rat Raiders


Zheng Shi is named after the English pronunciation of Ching Shih, one the most successful and mysterious Chinese Pirates of the 19th century. If the character of the player goes to any direction of the Recreation Deck, in time it appears on the opposite side.