Tracey, 20, says she loves negative attention so much, especially online, that she"ll do everything she can to solicit it. "I love posting crazy things just to get people"s reaction," explains Tracey, who has shared details about her body, her hopes of marrying "a rich white guy," and her experience having unprotected sex on social media, for which she says she"s proud she received more than 80,000 "likes." "I even posted I wanted to get raped just to get attention. Then, I said being raped felt amazing," she says in the video above, pointing out that her post received more than 26,000 likes and 4,000 comments. "Ninety percent of the comments were negative, but I loved it." Not only does she seek negative attention through her posts, but she also admits she enjoys connecting with people who mistreat her. "I deal with guys who are abusive, and cuss and yell at me," Tracey says. "That"s how I feel loved." She even posted: "I like abusive men, and I like to be manhandled." Tracey confides that at age 14, after being bullied in high school, she sought revenge by creating a fake profile which she admits she used to bully about 200 of her alleged bullies online. "I told people they"re ugly, they"re fat, they deserve to die. I even told someone to go kill themselves," she says matter-of-factly. "When I was bullying people, I felt good. It made me feel tough."But are there underlying issues that could be driving her behavior? Dr. Phil tells her, "I spend most of my time hearing what people don"t speak ... It"s interesting that everything you do -- the way you describe the guys you want, the things that you portray yourself to be on the Internet ... the way you seem to have this fixation on negative input, the way you run from positive input -- all tells me that you love being in a victim role and that you love being in a situation where you"re punished and put down. That tells me that you have absolutely no self-worth, no self-esteem and no self-respect."When Tracey claims that her self-esteem is high, Dr. Phil responds, "Anybody who had self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect would not allow random guys to use their body as a playground. They would not allow random guys to entertain themselves in such a way that could leave you with a disease, or with a pregnancy or a situation or circumstance where you were hurt, killed or left in a life circumstance that you would pay for years to come ...

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No one with self-worth or self-esteem would allow themselves to be used and manipulated that way and then delude themselves that this is something they want."Will Tracey get real about her outrageous behavior? Watch more here.

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