Finally found a show to get into sence I'm working 60+ hours a week, now i hit episode 5 and things are blurred out... Is there a site for the uncensored dub? I could live with it as long as they arnt removing scenes I guess...

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The reason for the hasty blurring of that episode was because a Japanese reporter was beheaded by ISIS around the time frame of episode 5.

Yeah the censoring was really bad but not as bad as Mars of Destruction.

(HTTP:// Huge difference to the TV series

Not too late to read the manga. I would recommend it any day over the anime. What Pierrot did with S2 is they shoved in manga plot points and didn't execute them correctly with those plot points left unsolved or just random characters popping up for a moment then disappearing.

S2 was even going to be an anime original as seen by the first episode and Ishida 's script bit Pierrot decided to do their own shit and screw up.

These reasons are why I recommend reading the manga first before watching the Anime. S2 is a what if story which was poorly done which should be treated as a supplement to the original source material

However, I will say the anime has its good points. The seiyuus were on point along with the music.


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