Yeah, yeah...If I didn"t have you to hold me tightIf I didn"t have you to lie with at nightIf I didn"t have you to share my sighsAnd to kiss me and dry my tears when I cryWell I, really think that I wouldHave somebody elseSomeone else would doYour love is one in a millionYou couldn"t buy it at any priceBut of the 9 point 9 9 9 hundred thousand other lovesStatistically some of them would be equally niceOr maybe not as nice but say, smarter than youOr dumber but better at sport or... tracingI"m just sayingProbablyIf I didn"t have you someone else would doIf I were a rich manFiddle diddle diddle diddle diddle diddle diddlyI guess I would be with a surgeon or a modelOr any of the royals or a kennedyOr a nymphomonical exhibitionist heiress to a large chain of hotelsIf I were a rich man maybe I would fiddleFiddle diddle diddle with the rich man girlsI"m not saying that I"d not love you if I was wealthy or handsomeBut realistically there"s lots of fish in the seaAnd if I had a different rod I would conceivably land someEven though I am fiscally consistently pitiableAnd considerably less Brad Pitt than Brad pitifulAm I really so poor and ugly that you reckon only you could possibly love meAnd IProbablyIf I didn"t have you someone else would doLook, I"m not undervaluing what we"ve got when I sayThat given the role chaos inevitably plays in the inherently flawed notion of fateIt"s obstruse to deduce that I"ve found my soulmate at the age of 17It"s just mathematically unlikely that at a university in PerthI happened to stumble on the one girl on earth specifically designed for meAnd if I may conjecture a further objectionLove is nothing to do with destined perfectionThe connection is strengthenedThe affection simply grows over timeLike a flowerOr a mushroomOr a guinea pigOr a vineOr a spongeOr bigotry...or a banana, And love is made more powerful by the ongoing drama of shared experience and synergyAnd symbiotic empathy or something...So I trust it would go without sayingThat I would feel really very sadIf tomorrow you were to fall off something highOr catch something badBut I"m just sayingI don"t think you"re specialI mean... I think you’re specialBut, you fall within a bell curveI mean, I"m just saying IProbablyI think you are unique and beautifulYou make me happy just by being aroundBut objectively you would have to agree that baby when I found youOptions were relatively thin on the groundYou"re lovely but there must be girls as lovely as youOr maybe more open to spanking or table tennis...I"m just sayingProbablyI mean I reckon it"s pretty likely that if for exampleMy first girlfriend Jackie hadn"t dumped meAfter I kissed Winston"s ex girlfriend Neah at Stephs party back in 1993Enough variables would probably have been altered by the absence of that eventTo have meant the advent of a tangential narrative in which we don"t meetWhich is to say there exists a theoreticalHypothetical parallel lifeWhere what is is not as it isAnd I am not your husband and you are not my wifeAnd I am a stuntman living in LAMarried to a small blonde Portuguese skierWho when she"s not trainingDoes abstract paintingPractises yogaAnd brews her own beerAnd really likes making home moviesAnd suffers neck down alopeciaBut with all my heart and all my mind I know one thing is trueI have just one life and just one love and my love that love is youAnd if it wasn"t for youBaby youProbablySomeone else would do