Error Message

Opening a PDF exported directly from ArcMap displays the following error message:"There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document (110)"


While there can be several reasons for Adobe Reader to display this error, one cause is incorrectly embedded font sizes from Microsoft Office application documents that have been inserted into the ArcMap Layout.Another cause can be that one or more of the fonts used in the map disallow embedding or may not be a valid font, having other incorrect properties.

Solution or Workaround

Check the font sizes of the text in the Microsoft Office application documents that have been inserted into the ArcMap Layout. If these font sizes are different than the sizes available in the font size dropdown list in the original Microsoft application, they embed incorrectly into the object that is inserted into ArcMap. In this example, the text is set to 10pt font size. If the text was set to 6pt, a size that would have to manually entered, the Excel spreadsheet inserted in an ArcMap Layout and exported to PDF would error when displayed in Adobe Reader.

MS Office application font drop down">Check if the font allows font embedding. If the 'Embed document fonts' option was used when exporting to PDF from ArcMap:1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader.2. Navigate to File > Document Properties.3. Select the Fonts tab and check for fonts that do not have "(Embedded Subset)" after the name.These fonts may disallow font embedding. To check:4. Download and install the Microsoft Font Properties Extension. See the link in the Related Information section below.5. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\Fonts or C:\Winnt\Fonts.6. Right-click on the questionable fonts and select Properties. Notice the additional information now available from the Font Properties Extension.7. Select the Embedding tab and note if the font allows embedding or not.If a font that does not allow embedding is used as a symbol, click on 'Convert marker symbols to polygons' in the PDF export options.

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The font glyph is converted to outlines to get around the embedding restriction. Note that higher-resolution exports will render converted font symbols more accurately.
Font Properties extension">