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Well this is as wholesome as it get's folks...this is a story about a girl with sanpaku eyes with some romance, cuteness elements to it... that's about itI really don't know why I like this, maybe it's the reason that this the girl is acting so cute every time especially when thinking or being with her boyfriendthe're really isn't anything I can say about this series because is just that, a story of a girl with sanpaku eyes with her boyfriend being cute everytime, so to sum it up a slice of life, romance, comedic, WHOLESOME series.

This is the romance manga you've been looking for. Tired of getting blue balled by the author and needing to wait 200 chapters to see the main characters call each other by their first names? Not here. It likes to set up little romance tropes like that, but ACTUALLY follows through on them usually in the same chapter they're set up in. I have literally nothing to complain about when it comes to this manga. The chapters are short enough to be easily digestible (usually around 10-15 pages or so), the art is beautiful, and the story is incredibly wholesome. 10/10 all around.

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TL;DR: You like wholesome, cute fluff? This is definitely one of the single most wholesome manga you will ever find. Honestly, if you just need something chill to feel good, this.The low average rating honestly surprised me a bit. Of course, this type of manga is not for everybody, but really, just read the first few chapters and you'll know how it's going to be for the rest of it. There are no surprises, plot twists, drama or anything, just a whole truckload of cuteness.Now, the basic gist is nothing new; high-school, girl x boy romance. However, two things made this really enjoyable for me:1) Their interaction as a couple is just way to adorable. She's very shy, but at the same time pushes herself to still say what she wants to say, causing her to sometimes blurt out her thoughts and feelings directly. He is a typical 'nice guy', but not a Mr.Perfect, also getting embarrassed and not knowing how to act at times. 2) There is actual development (rather quickly even). Especially when looking at RomComs, so many of them are rather episodic, without any actual progression to it, making it (at least for me) somewhat boring after a while. That's not the case here.Apart from the wholesomeness, I also actually got some laughs out of it, especially with the side-characters on some panels appearing being wing-men/women for them, or complaining that they are way too cute, etc.