*HWID: SNOW BASIN AA-J 0135*recovery_reason: 0x05 TPM error in read-only firmware

I have tried to insert a recovery USB stick following the steps provided in chromebook recovery but as soon as i insert the stick it displays a message saying that the security module on this device is not working.

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Can someone lend a help here. Thanks


Had the same problem. The only fix that worked was to clear the processor.

Remove the recovery USB that you have inserted.Turn off by pressing the on/off key for 3 to 5 seconds (have to do this because no GUI).Wait for a few seconds then press start button and wait a few seconds for it to restart.Recovery screen will come up. Leave it for at least 30 seconds - don"t do anything else.Shut down again. You will have to do this restart/shutdown procedure several times.

Some say up to 20 times so a lot of patience required. I had to do about 10 restarts before it worked.

If this doesn"t work for you, it may be a hardware fault.


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