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Now, contrary to the belief that this was fake news, we will soon be able to tune in to The Real SideChicks of Charlotte.

According to WCNC, the series will feature seven self-proclaimed “side chicks” who are proud of it.

“This show is based around the side chicks perspective, using men for money the same way men use them,” producer Pete Pitrelli said. “These women have no desire to be wives/main chicks, they are perfectly okay with their positions and want nothing more than to have fun.”

The show’s Instagram page,
therealsidechicksofcharlotte, has already started introducing the cast to the world.

Oh brother.

Some of the ladies recently sat down with Power 98’s “Morning Madhouse” to dish on what viewers can expect in the upcoming season.

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“You might look at it as a side chick, but I look at it as a main chick as well because I’m getting the same treatment as you,” one cast member said when asked about being a side chick during the interview. “We can go sideways, up, down, left, right …we can do all kinds of ‘sides’ but if I’m getting the same treatment, it’s not really the same qualifications of what you would call a side chick …it’s OUR man.”


The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte is currently filming Season 1. Peep the interview below for more of an inside scoop.

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