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Good for Kids:Yes


This place is horrible. I went to a birthday party where mychild was kicked in the face by a boy 8 years older. I asked him to watch where he was going and was later told by the staff not to "yell" at the child. I asked her(the staff member) if she heard me (she was about 4 ft away) and she told me no. I asked how I was yelling then. No consideration to my child who has a bruise across her face. Lack if parental and staff supervision.

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Customer service is poor. Kids had fun, but this business owner will get competition and lose business. No concept of customer service and has a bit of an elitist attitude when questioned about policies.

I will never take my children here again. The staff that check you in are not friendly at all. The place is over priced, just under $20 w/tax for 2 kids. I"m surprised that other reviewers found this place to be clean. I climbed through the play structure w/ my one yr old and I couldn"t believe how thick the dust was in the netted off areas. GROSS!

Linda C.

We had my daughter"s birthday party here & the zoo keeper was very friendly and nice. They help you out in anything that you need for your party. You also get a room with inflatable bounce. I would agree, that the owner is not very friendly but not everyone can have a bubbly personality. We would come back and my kids loved it !

I WILL NEVER PATRONIZE THIS ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN! We recently rented out the facility for over 75 children. Upon arrival, we were informed that the spacewalks were not inclusive and would not be inflated. The children were cramped in the play structure! The air condition was off so children began to sweat and ask for drinks. Upon request the air conditioner was turned on, however thirsty children were told that they couldn"t BUY drinks because there wouldn"t be any left for business later that day!? The customer service was HORRIBLE! I will NEVER patronize this establishment again!

I took my grandchildren here to play and could not believe how rude the owner and staff were. i can"t imagine why someone would work at or own a business for children when they apparently don"t like people - especially kids. I will take them anywhere but here next time.

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This would be a booming business in New Orleans, with our five months a year of steambath weather. Unfortunately, the customer "service" here is so bad that I and other parents I have spoken with will not return, even though the kids do love the equipment. At best, if you are lucky, they will be indifferent and slightly contemptuous; at worst, aggressively hostile, sneering and seeming to take delight in their position of power. (In other situations, as a parent, I would walk out, but once I walked in the door I was held hostage by the fact that my children would have a wailing fit if I did not let them stay and play on the alluring equipment.) The front desk staff"s demeanor (especially the woman who I believe was the owner) is that of prison guards with a sadistic edge; they should not be working in a field related to children or fun of any kind! The kids do have fun (luckily, they are too young to pick up on the jeering and hostility), but it is terrible to pay quite a steep price only to leave feeling insulted, humiliated, and angry, especially on a day that should be special (i.e., a birthday).