Stop in for a quick snack or a sweet treat any day of the week. The Two-Mile is a refurbished one-room schoolhouse, so you can take in some history while you’re grabbing a bite to eat.

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Everyday: candies, locally made fudge, Homestead Bakery goods, caramel apples, chips, popcorn, bottled sodas, water, coffee, and apple cider slush.

And on Weekdays: Enjoy a light lunch – kids meals, hot dogs, sandwiches or nachos and our famous pumpkin ice cream.


Open Weekends & Columbus Day during Patch season.

Stop by for cheeseburgers, hot dogs, BBQ pork sandwiches, corn dogs, fresh cut fries, nachos, potato chips and soft pretzels. Drink choices include apple cider slush, fountain sodas, water, and pumpkin sippers. Take your lunch to one of the many picnic tables in the Taste of the Patch. 


Open Weekends & Columbus Day during Patch season.

Get a dip (or two) of ice cream. We have chocolate, vanilla, and the crowd favorite, pumpkin ice cream. We also serve ice cream sandwiches and other ice cream specialties made with baked goods from The Homestead Bakery. Don’t worry, ice cream cones are available in the Two-Mile Sweet Shop during the week. 


Open most Weekends & Columbus Day during Patch season.

You can watch them pop it, snack on some while you tour the grounds and take a bag home for later. If you’re a pumpkin lover like us, try their Pumpkin Spice Kettle Korn. Sweet!


Saturdays & Sundays during Patch season.

Due to Covid-19, we cannot hand out samples this season. We will still have recipes and information for you to take home.

Not sure how to cook squash? We’ve got you covered and want to help bring variety to your table. Stop by the Squash Tasting tent near the Cucurbit Market and sample some of the possibilities. Take a taste and you might just find your new favorite vegetable.

Open all year!

We are nationally known for our made-from-scratch Amish baked goods. On your way home make sure you grab a loaf of homemade bread, a pan of cinnamon rolls and some pumpkin baked goods. The bakery is located across from the entrance to the Great Pumpkin Patch. You will find some of our baked goods in the Two-Mile Sweetshop and featured at the Pumpkin Creamery and the Pumpkin Eatery.

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The year 2021 marks our 32nd anniversary of celebrating the beauty of harvest with our guests. Our farm has been in our family’s hands for 6 generations—more than 160 years. The farm is our passion, one that each generation has left its mark on, and we’re committed to continuing that tradition. We are blessed to share our story with our visitors, and to share our family’s farm as a place to connect with the land, and each other. - Our Story -
We love, love, love having live music at The Great Pumpkin Patch and our visitors do too. You can sit and watch or continue to roam while the musicians do their thing. Check out our line up for this year. Plan your visit so you can catch some music while you are here! Music plays from 1pm – 4pm on September weekends and 12:30pm – 4:30pm on October weekends.
We feature live, local music every Saturday and Sunday. We are working on our lineup for this fall, continue to check here for updates.
Battle Creek puts on pure, solid-gold performances that keep them tirelessly living up their reputation as "the hardest working country band in Central Illinois!" With a little something for everyone...from Jonny and George to The Everly"s and Elvis; from Merle and Waylon to the Beatles and CCR...they are back here again at The Patch by popular demand.
Mackville is a bluegrass/gospel band from the Atwood, IL area that hopes their music inspires or encourages faith. Their acclaimed melodic and vocal talents are very impressive, which keep them looking forward to a bright future as they continue on their musical journey!
While claiming they have grown OLDER, but not necessarily UP in the last 30 years, Me-N-Him has definitely grown INTO the premier talent that captures an audience. They flawlessly belt out classics by the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson - just to name a few.
With only a guitar and a looper pedal, Jonny Coller plays accoustic folk and outlaw country music with a classic, bluesy voice and a natural feel developed out of the good black dirt of Illinois. He has gained a reputation as a singer and songwriter heavily steeped in the country singers we all love and know by their first names: Willie, Waylon, Merle and Hank.
Bailee is from a big family and a small town. She taught herself to play guitar in middle school, moved to Nashville to go to college and to pursue music. Bailee is a former employee and we always love seeing her return to The Patch!
Emma Richards joins us from the Indianapolis area. As a busy high school student, she puts out a big sound while playing classic favorites. We"re excited to have Emma return to the TGPP stage for the second time.
Local favorite, Conner Clayton, returns to the TGPP stage this fall after his successful debut in 2019.
We are proud to host some of Illinois’ most talented gourd artists and their amazing work here at The Great Pumpkin Patch.
These unique works of art include jewelry, toys, musical instruments and seasonal décor. It’s a great opportunity to talk directly to the creators and find out how they turn gourds into such beautiful pieces

2021 Gourd Artists Schedule

We are working on our lineup for this fall, continue to check here for updates.

Our new cookbook, The Pumpkin (and Squash) Eater, 3rd edition, is now available at our store! Get a copy for your kitchen today. Our online store is the place to go to grab some merch to remember your visit. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, patches, coloring books, and more. What we offer changes, so be sure to keep checking back.