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Jus-Just askJust ask me toJus- Just ask meOh yeahYou know it "G"First of all lets make it clearI'm a strong young manTakin' no shorts Y'ssYeahSo if you plan on makin' wavesIt's just a waste of timeYou should face realityYeahCheck this outI don't want you to think that I'mAfraid or shyNative I would never beYou know it "G"I just want a friendSo I can hold her handsCome on babyAnd get with meYeahJust ask me toJust ask me toI'll be with youA hugSo much fun againIf you walk with meIf yiu walk with meI'll walk with youI'll walk with youAnd hugAnd hugYou're my special friendOh yeahForget those people talkin' trashUh, B-babyLet's jet off and escapeUhhGirl it's not too lateBabyTake tevin by the handI'm sure you'll understandI'm sure you'll understandBaby this is faithDo-o on'tBe afraidTc one time nowI'm not here to get goof aroundSo Zero in that thoughYou should understand that "G"Ah yea babyYou can make all the typesOf way that you wantBut I woun't let you play yourselfYeahDon't be afraidWe've got it madeWe've got it made we're youngIt feels so goodTo know we have room to growCHUBB ROCK:Check it outYeah check itI'm sorry TevinI know you really feel likeYou're in heavenYour grills are sevenAnd your body reads elevenTEVIN:Fourteen "G"CHUBB ROCKIf you really want het "G"Don't pretend to be all cuteShe knows you lootNot AL B can't convince me that you're nativeThe squads will proceedYour postionRationlaize who you areTevinCampbell gets soupedYou're a starTEVIN & CHUBB:Can you tell me where you're going to?CHUBB ROCK:To my crib for a fewDon't sexual, sexual means halfAnd if she's on that prograThat's whats your staff is forShe might've been around the worldAnd I,I,I,IYou might find your babyAnd if notYou can come to my cribI'm Chubb Rock,Peace!Tevin:Just ask me toI'll be with youA hug so much fun againIf you walk with me, I'll walk with youAnd hugYou're my special friendBreak it downAy-yoI'm in here "G"'cause I'm the "T"To the "E"To the "V"To the "I"To the"N"