Now, I haven't actually seem the film yet, but I came across a preview of the first few minutes, it's a flashback to the Teen Titans when they were just starting out. Beast Boy is with them, but he seems like a totally different character than the one seen in justice league vs teen titans or the rest of this movie. Not only younger, which would make sense, but also, his voice isn't even remotely the same, his ears are way bigger, and he's a darker shade of green. Plus, I seem to remember star fire treating beast boy as a new member in the previous movie, but apparently he was there before her. So what's the deal here? Am I stupid?


I have seen the movie and in fact, all the movies in the same continuity starting with Son of Batman through to the Judas Contracts and I assure you, the in universe continuity of those movies are not great and you just go with it. Characters evolve weirdly and somethings do not make sense if you think about them at all! But it's fun watching the characters interact and so if you are willing to forgive plotholes and inconsistent development, I recommend the movies.

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I've never seen Teen Titans but in the comics Changeling was a founding member of the Titans and was there before Starfire came to earth. I can't speak to the portrayal as I haven't seen either.

Actually he was a founding member of Titans West which was a different team than the main team of the Fab 5. After both teams disbanded, Changeling became a founding member the 80s team along with Starfire.

The most likely explanation is that they reused animation footage from the previous movie on this movie to make it feel more referential at the expense of his design being a little different.

I can tell he's younger, I mentioned that. What you're missing here, is that I said he is a totally different shade of green, has way bigger ears, and since justice league vs teen titans presents him as a new member, and star fire was clearly mentoring him, raven and blue beetle, then how is it he was on the team before her years ago? And how is he not like, quite a bit older than the five years later time gap suggests in the movie? You're only a teen for so long.

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Not all of these movies are connected by continuity. Some are just stand alone stories, separate from the others.


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