How We Met

Anthony and I have been dating since August. We were actually set up by his sister who had been following me on social media after watching “Eric and Jessie: Game On.” She sent me an email via my blog, “Southern Girl City Lights,” explaining that Anthony and I would be the perfect match. I laughed when I receive the message as I’ve received emails like this from fans before. A few days later I became intrigued and decided to Google him and liked what I saw. I thought he was so handsome and followed him on twitter. We flirted back and fourth on social media, exchanged phone numbers and started talking and getting to know one another. We had an instant spark and it was as if we had known each other for years. We decided to meet in person to see if we would have that same chemistry.

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I flew out to Dallas to meet him as he was in the middle of baseball season and couldn’t fly to meet me. I was extremely nervous to say the least. As I sat outside the Dallas airport waiting in anticipation for him to pick me up. He called and said he had circled a few times and never saw me. That instantly made me even more nervous I began thinking, oh my gosh I don’t look like I do in photos. We shortly figured out he was at a different terminal. When he got out of his Tahoe and walked over to me for a hug, I immediately looked down didn’t make eye contact handed him my bag and jumped into his car. I was so nervous I couldn’t even look at him. He still teases me to this day about that. Anthony has an uncanny way of putting me at ease though because within just a few moments I forgot that I was shy. He quickly made me feel comfortable and made me laugh. I just love that about him. Anthony just gets me and I am his biggest cheerleader.


how they asked

On February 10th, 2016. Anthony planned a hiking trip for us at Camel Back Mountain in Arizona. We were there for Anthony’s spring training with the Nippon Ham Fighters. He was to leave shortly for Japan, so this was our final week together before being apart for a few weeks. He planned for us to meet with his financial adviser quickly before the hike, otherwise I wouldn’t have put on a little makeup and fixed my hair. That’s how thoughtful he is, he had planned to have a photographer there to capture our special moment and wanted to surprise me but allow me to be prepared for the photos. During the hike I kept asking how much further we had to go because I was getting tired and Anthony kept telling me there is a good spot we should get to. He was right about that! He stopped, we gazed upon the amazing view and then he got down on one knee, opened the little box and asked me to be his wife. I got so excited I lept into his arms and didn’t even get a look at the ring. I said yes and started crying and he smiled and laughed and asked me if I wanted the ring. I said, “yes,” and he placed it on my finger and we hugged and cried and laughed. It was very emotional and special and now as I reflect on it, I love him even more.

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He’s caring and sweet and fits right in with my family and I love the way he loves me. We are a match made in Heaven.