By using this helpful guide, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser"s Fury players can learn how to get an infinite amount of lives in just a few seconds.

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super mario 3d world bowser's fury infinite lives
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser"s Fury is now available worldwide for the Nintendo Switch, bringing along the classic Wii U platformer with a brand-new single-player expansion called Bowser"s Fury. It lets players control Mario and team up with Bowser Jr. to help bring down Bowser and collect tons of Cat Shines. The main story mode in the game can be played with up to four players and while the early stages can be somewhat on the easy side, later levels will prove to be way more difficult. But, by following this guide, players can learn how to get infinite lives so that they can survive longer and not face those Game Over screens.

When playing the main story with friends, either locally or online, all four players will share from the same pool of lives, so having a ton of these will make sure that players don"t have to worry about falling to their deaths, as there is really no penalty to dying this way.

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One of the easiest methods to using this exploit is by heading over to World 1-2, Koopa Troopa Cave. Once inside the stage, go inside the first green pipe to enter the underground area. Head through the first clear pipe, ground pound the suspicious blocks to enter an even lower area, head through the cave, and then knock out the Koopa so that Mario can grab hold of the green shell. Now for the tricky part.

Players should go near the group of blocks on the floor and throw the shell towards the wall and then quickly jump once to have the shell repeatedly get hit by Mario, causing extra lives for each jump. Watching the video below can give players a better idea of how to actually do it in their game. As long as Mario stays in the same spot above the shell, the lives will just keep on coming until the player decides to stop.

This exploit can be helpful for the inexperienced Mario players out there who want a little bit of extra help. Of course, more lives can be obtained by either collecting 100 coins, winning them in challenge rooms, or finding 1-up mushrooms around stages, but this way is ultimately the easiest and quickest. If players are currently working through a stage and all lives are lost, players will be kicked out of the level and will have to start from scratch, losing all collected Green Stars and Stamps in the process.

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Super Mario World + Bowser"s Fury is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.