When traversing a zombie-infest wasteland, a set of wheels makes a huge difference. What are the best vehicles in State of Decay 2?

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Whether players are playing through Undead Labs" zombie survival game State of Decay 2 by themselves or with others, they can"t go wrong with having a vehicle or two on hand. They make traveling through the open-world wasteland much safer and get players to where they"re going much faster than if they travel on foot.

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They can also increase the amount of items players can carry. Of course, players also need to keep their cars maintained and refueled if they plan on making it their primary source of traversal. While there are no bad choices when it comes to vehicles, it certainly helps to know which ones are the best, and which ones are worth upgrading.

10 Legendre

Legendre vehicle in State of Decay 2
The Legendre seems like an average vehicle for the zombie survival game but combined with upgrades it becomes a beast. It seats four and also has a storage of four. Its speed is average, but its complimented with high acceleration.

With a medium upgrade kit, the Legendre can be upgraded into the Impaler. The Impaler has all the same features that the Legendre has, but not only adds an extra seat but a nice battering ram to plow through zombies.

Rhames V vehicle from State of Decay 2
Players with a large party and lots to store may want to keep their eyes peeled for the Rhames V. People can sit in the truck bed as well as inside the vehicle, which holds a total of four and has a storage of six.

The medium upgrade kit turns the Rhames V into the Viking. Unfortunately, this removes the bed. But as a trade-off, it adds both larger fuel storage and armor.

Smashwagon vehicle from State of Decay 2
Players waiting for State of Decay 3 may have fun with the Smashwagon in the meantime. It"s the upgraded version of a variety of vehicles in State of Decay 2, ranging from the Pilato to the Ranger SUV.

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It has a massive storage of seven and seats four. The Smashwagon excels in nearly every area, with high speed and acceleration, fast handling, and very high durability.

Burninator from State of Decay 2
The Burninator not only looks and sounds cool, but it"s also one of the most unique cars in the game. As part of a 4th of July update, the vehicle can seat six, while also having a large storage area of six. It"s fast with high acceleration, but the real treat is a feature that acts as a whole new weapon.

Instead of a horn, honking will cause flames to shoot out from under the chassis, burning any nearby zombies to a crisp. Players should be aware, however, that this burns through the fuel much faster.

Need to carry an abundance of items? The Cargo Van is perfect for anyone looking for extra storage space. It only seats two, so players shouldn"t plan on traveling with a large group.

However, the storage for the Cargo Van is huge when compared to the other vehicles in the game, being able to carry up to eight items. When upgraded, it becomes the Vandito, which adds extra seats and armor.

The Maximillian is an ideal car for any long-time Mad Max fan. A reference to the action film franchise, the Maximillian can seat two and has a storage of four.

It also has an average speed but a very high acceleration. Upgrade the Maximillian to turn it into the Mega Max. This greatly increases both the car"s fuel capacity and durability.

The Utility Truck is, in many regards, similar to the Rhames V. However, many features make it a much more ideal choice. It also seats four and has a storage of six. And while it also has the same amount of health as the Rhames V, it also has an added plow that the other vehicle unfortunately lacks.

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Like the Rhames V, the Utility Truck can be upgraded into the Viking. Again, this removes the ability to seat people in the tray but adds larger fuel storage and armor. Unfortunately, upgrading it also removes the plow.

Some players might prefer speed over armor. For those looking for an intimidating, fortified vehicle, they can"t go wrong with the Military Truck. Passengers can sit in the bed of the truck, so it can seat up to four and has a storage space of six.

When upgraded, the Military Truck becomes the Big Boss. With a heavy upgrade kit, this means that players can add more armor as well as spikes to their wheels.

Players will be doing a lot of scouting and exploring throughout State of Decay 2, so they might as well use a car to help them in their travels. Players who drive around with this vehicle will have locations added to their map.

The Survey Car doesn"t pick up everything from the road, but overall the range is very good. It also seats four and has a storage of five. Players can upgrade this vehicle into the Hellion. While this adds armor and some color to the car, it also removes the survey camera, which is this vehicle"s key feature.

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To put it simply, the Brogan Trekker is one of the best cars in the game, especially for players traveling with large parties. The car has both maximum seating of four and maximum storage of eight.

It doesn"t have high acceleration but it"s fast. Like the Survey Car, players can upgrade it into the Hellion. And like the Survey Car, it"s probably best if players skip the Brogan Trekker"s upgrades. Turning the Brogan Trekker into the Hellion adds armor but unfortunately removes its massive storage space.

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