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Star Wars The Old Republic has been one of the very popular games out there right now and the game sees a lot of players online with each passing day. However, there are many players of the game who have been experiencing lag, high ping, and other related problems when trying to play online and these have been affected by this and many other similar problems.

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Experiencing Lag In Star Wars The Old Republic?

These users have been reporting on different community forums and also on the official support channels for the game about the issues that they have been experiencing. The worst part is that neither them or developer, Bioware know the exact reason behind the issue and these users have been left searching for a proper solution to this problem.


This guide is going to provide you with some of the general fixes that you can try to fix Star Wars The Old Republic Lag for good and is going to give you the best tweaks and fixes to try and fix this issue for good.

System Requirements

The first step that you should take in this situation is checked if your computer meets the official system requirements for the game. Players often overlook These requirements and end up becoming the reason why they experience lag in Star Wars the Old Republic. The system requirements for the game are as follows:


You should make sure that your current build meets these system requirements and upgrade your computer if you do not. This should help you fix lag and high ping in Star Wars The Old Republic for good.

Graphics Settings

If you are not able to upgrade your computer at this point, you can try adjusting the game’s graphics settings and see if your problem is resolved. A screenshot of the game’s graphics settings can bee is seen below:


You should start by reducing all of these settings to their lowest possible values and then check if you are still experiencing Star Wars The Old Republic Lag. Then, work your way through these settings and find the best spot according to your computer and this should help you fix Star Wars The Old Republic Lag for good.

Reinstall and Update The Game

The next step to take when trying to solve this issue would be to remove the game and its launcher completely and then reinstall it from scratch. While this might sound like a cumbersome and unnecessary step, many people have been able to fix Star Wars The Old Republic Lag simply by reinstalling the game. Reinstalling the game also helps ensure that you have the latest update from the developers installed and the latest update would make sure that you have all of the known bugs and fixes applied.

Internet Connection Requirements

When playing Star Wars The Old Republic, you should make sure that you have an adequate internet connection available to you. This is one of the essential requirements when playing games online and you should make sure that you have at least 4MBPS of upload and download speed available. You should also ensure that you have no other devices or programs on your network that could be using the internet when you are playing games online since lag and high ping problems arise when there are a lot of other device hogging your internet bandwidth. This should help you eliminate lag in the game for good.

Wired Internet Connection

Another common error that is made by many when trying to fix Star Wars The Old Republic Lag is to use a wired internet connection for gaming online. A wireless internet connection is prone to lag, packet loss and disconnections because it travels through the airwaves and cannot match the connection quality of a wired internet connection.


This is why you should make sure that you are using a wired internet connection when playing online and this should help you fix Star Wars The Old Republic Lag for good.

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Use A Gamers Private Network

Many people have been able to resolve this and other related issues by using a Gamers Private Network, like Kill Ping. These networks ensure that your data to the game server travels in the most efficient and effective manner possible which leads to your lag and high ping problems being fixed for good. Kill Ping ensures that your ping to the game server is the lowest possible and bypasses any configuration errors made by your ISP.


Because Kill Ping has been able to fix Star Wars The Old Republic lag for many players and has also been able to fix other related issues, you should try Kill Ping to see if your problem has been fixed. Kill Ping can be downloaded for free over here