During the course of South Park: The Fractured But Whole you will be asked to decide upon your gender, race, religion and superhero kryptonite. These questions regarding your identity are linked to your character sheet, which forms the basis of a significant part of your adventure throughout the first portion of the game. But how important are the decisions you’ll make while completing this sheet?

Figuring out who you are in South Park‘s irreverent world is a big deal in The Fractured But Whole, even if they ultimately don’t affect its gameplay too much. Here’s now gender, race and religion play a role in the RPG:

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Guide: Kryptonite Choices

You’ll be given a selection of individuals to choose as your personal “kryptonite” in the game, from old people, to sixth graders, to crab people. Selecting a certain Kryptonite appears to have no affect on gameplay, with your stats not lowering when you face the enemy you’ve chosen in battle, so go ahead and pick whichever option you feel most drawn to.

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Guide: Gender Choices

You’ll outline your gender to the South Park elementary school counselor Mr. Mackey, who will embark upon an awkward conversation with you in order to determine whether you’re male, female or “other.” This third gender option will see you selecting from an extensive list of non-binary gender options, concluding with Mr. Mackey conducting a well-meaning but concerned phone call with your parents in order to further understand the option you’ve selected.

After your conversation with Mr. Mackey you’ll be confronted by a gang of Rednecks outside the school, who will inform you that they “don’t take kindly” to those of your selected gender in their town. After the battle you’ll head home to your mom and dad, who are concerned over the information you’ve told your school.

If you chose the “other” option for your gender, there’s a quest later in the game where you’ll be asked to meet Wendy in the girl’s restroom. If you instead go to the middle restroom, questionably labelled “cissy,” she’ll briefly discuss whether or not it’s you or her who’s in the wrong place.


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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Guide: Race Choices

You’ll initially be asked to decide the color of your skin at the start of The Fractured But Whole, with this decision masquerading as a difficulty worry. Your race won’t affect how difficult the game is, so you can choose whatever skin color you see fit without worrying about its impact upon gameplay.

You’ll get to choose your race in another encounter with Mr. Mackey, though this time your choices are more restricted — for instance, you can’t be a Native American Irishman. After choosing your race, you’ll once again be confronted by the Rednecks and face your disgruntled parents.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Guide: Religion Choices

Your choice of religion will require you to pursue the side-quests with Father Maxi at the South Park church. After fending off the advances of two Catholic priests, Father Maxi will later invite you to venture to Stark’s Pond in order to discover your spiritual environment. From here you’ll meet Kanye West in his alternate “gay fish” form, an encounter we’ve previously detailed here.

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After embarking upon your quest with Kanye, you’ll meet Jesus who will grant you the option of choosing your religion. This choice will again prompt a battle with the Rednecks, though like your other choices in the game, it won’t affect gameplay.