Here"s our interview with Danielle Lickey, the eighth evicted houseguest on "Big Brother: Over the Top."

You said you’ve been watching “Big Brother” since you were 10 years old. Who are some of your favorite players and was there anyone’s game you wanted to emulate?

I kind of wanted to take the approach of being blindly loyal to my alliance. In a sense, Derrick did that. He was very loyal to Cody and to Victoria, and I kind of took that from him and Cody that being loyal can get you far in the game.

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I love Rachel, obviously. I reacted the most to her. I was "Big Brother" star struck when I saw her. She"s my favorite female former houseguest, and I wanted to be the BBOTT version of Rachel when it came to comps. But I came nowhere near Rachel"s record.

We just have very similar senses of humor. We get along very well. We were all ourselves. We weren"t afraid to say whatever, do whatever. We acted like a bunch of 12-year-old boys at a sleepover every day. It was just fun to be around them.

I got along with them effortlessly, whereas early on when I would try to hang out with the other side of the house, with the girls, it was more forced. Our conversations didn"t flow as smoothly.

And I"m a night person – I can stay up all night – and so is Jason and Kryssie and Justin. We just all bonded over that.

I"m not surprised that we hit it off, because he is so pretty and we have a lot in common. Who wouldn"t just adore him? He"s such a sweetheart.

I am surprised how quickly it started. It"s like Day 2 and we"re in a showmance! I don"t regret it at all. I"m so happy that I got to meet him. But I definitely was surprised by how strong our feelings were in such a short amount of time.

When you spoke to BBOTT host Julie Chen, even you acknowledged that your game changed after Shane left. So was Shane leaving a blessing in disguise?

It was. It was kind of a bittersweet thing. Personally, I was very sad to see him go, but when it came to my game that was kind of like the turning point in my game. That"s when it went into full gear. That"s when I became Danielle the player that I"ve been from home for 13 years, the strategist, the comp winner, and I really started to emerge them.

Losing him sucked because I knew I could trust him completely and he would always have my back, but him going kind of took a target off of me for a little while, and it gave me kind of an opportunity to build my relationships with the rest of my alliance. I was really focused on my gameplay.

I really don"t have any regrets. Jason told me before my left not to play the "what if" game and have regrets, because one little thing can change the game so drastically. So I don"t regret being loyal to Justin. I"m happy I was able to walk out knowing that I was loyal to my alliance.

But I honestly feel like even if I would"ve sent Justin home, I would"ve probably still went home this week, because Justin was a bigger target than Whitney. By keeping him, it kept a big target in the house, but he ended up probably making a deal with Shelby. I felt like if he had gone, I would"ve been the first target anyway.


At the end, this fake Final 5 kept being brought up again and again by Shelby and Morgan. How much do you think that hurt your game?

Up until that point I was able to say that I kept my word, and I think that had a lot of pull. I think once Jason and I pulled that little stunt, it kind of hurt my credibility with the girls. And I think it probably did factor into why I went home.

I think that if I wouldn"t have done that, the deal that I offered Shelby in the beginning of the week, she probably would have taken it more into consideration, because she knew that I would keep my word.

It was kind of something silly Jason and I wanted to do, because it was something they were doing to us throughout the season, saying "oh we"re going to vote this way," and then completely doing something different. It was kind of like giving them a taste of their own medicine, and they couldn"t handle it. It was definitely worth it to see the looks on their faces during that veto ceremony, especially when Morgan tried to call out Jason.

Before your eviction, you ended up giving Shelby props in your speech. Why did you decide to do that?

I have grown up playing sports my entire life; I"m a very competitive person. So I"m not a sore loser. I hate losing, don"t get me wrong, but I"m also not a sore loser. She bested me, and I respect her for that.

I respect people who are there to play the game, who aren"t just there trying to take a social game all the way to the end. I really don"t respect Morgan"s gameplay or Justin"s gameplay. I really respect the gameplay of someone who"s there to win comps, there to strategize, there to make deals. I feel like that is what Shelby did.

She kind of rode under the radar, made people think she wasn"t a threat, and then when she needed to most she emerged and proved she"s a force to be reckoned with. As a longtime fan of "Big Brother" and now a player of the game, I respect her gameplay immensely.

As you know, she wanted to play down her intelligence, but you even picked up on when Shelby said she had a favorite Supreme Court justice. It seemed like you were on to her a little bit.

I knew that girl was a lot smarter than she led on. She said she played the piano; she loved classical music; she had a lot to say on different court cases; and she was very, very upset when Trump got elected, and she had a favorite Supreme Court justice.

I consider myself a pretty intelligent person, and I don"t even know the Supreme Court justices, let alone have a favorite one. So I am not by any means surprised to find out Shelby"s secret; that just makes me love her as a player and as a person even more. I love it. I think it"s great that she was able to convince everyone that she"s just this waitress.

Now that you know Alex and Morgan are sisters, and you’ve had time to digest that, has that changed your perception of them or their gameplay at all?

They played that off very well. That"s probably Morgan"s only big game move was that her sister was there and she kept it under wraps very well. They did a very good job. I don"t think it necessarily affected why they did things that they did, but it definitely explains why those girls were so tight knit – not just those two, but the four of them.

They told Shelby right before Alex was evicted, and actually Morgan told Kryssie to try to gain her trust, but Kryssie thinks it’s a complete lie and has told no one.

Oh gosh, Kryssie… If Kryssie were to tell Jason, Jason would definitely be able to put it all together, because we had our suspicions of Alex, that there was more to her, because she hid her personal life so much. And when she won HOH, her letter was about a cat and all her pictures were of her and her cat. I"m not surprised.

If I take myself out of the game and I look at it like I was never in the house, I honestly have to give it to Shelby. She did play a very, very good game. I do respect her game. She"s won a lot of competitions, she made a lot of good strategic moves, and so I"d probably say she has played the best game.

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I do want Jason to win 100%. I do think he played a very good game, but I do think Shelby"s game was better. I want to see him win. I think that he deserves it. He really does love this game. He eats, sleeps and breathes "Big Brother," and I want to see his dreams come true, so I really hope that he wins.