Head through the crack in the wall and collect COIN CACHE 2/3 near the crack. Now go to the room where you picked up the Atlas and collect COIN CACHE 3/3.

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Head back to the base camp and fast travel to the Ridgeline Base Camp in Geothermal Valley. We have to enter Flooded Archives through the yellow arrow (as indicated on the map), swim a bit until we reach soft wood, climb it with broadhead arrows, traverse some land, and finally translate MURAL 3/3. There will be a point where it may look like you"re at a dead end, but if you face the "dead end", you can climb under some rocks to your right.


COLLECTIBLES TO FINDTombs: 1Relics: 2Documents: 2Survival Caches: 4Coin Caches: 1CHALLENGESBanner Wars - Shoot and burn down all of the Deathless BannersFor Whom the Bell Tolls - Cut down all the bells in KitezhVandal - Destroy all the headless statues in Kitezh

Start by grabbing COIN CACHE 3/3 near the right side of the map. Look around for BANNER 8/8 on the side of a building near the coin cache. Then circle left of the building the banner was on and dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 3/6 near a wagon (it"s the survival cache east of the map).


Head into the cave east of the map and kill the bear inside. GLASS VASE (RELIC 9/10) will be on the ground to your right soon after you break down a wall. Once you get to a point where you"ll drop down in water, collect SOLDIER"S PENDANT (RELIC 10/10) to your immediate left and SURVIVAL CACHE 4/6 to your immediate right. An EXPLORER"S SATCHEL is up ahead to your right.


Continue until you reach the Geothermal Cavern Base Camp. SURVIVAL CACHE 5/6 will be near the wall near the base camp. Jump into the water and dive under the arch to your right. You will also see a crack on one of the arcs underwater. You can swim beneath this one and collect SURVIVAL CACHE 6/6 and an ARCHIVIST MAP.


Go back and continue until you see sulfur gas in your path. Use a fire arrow to cause an explosion.


Beyond that is the puzzle room where GOOD INTENTIONS (DOCUMENT 7/8) will be on the top left and A MOMENT OF CLARITY (DOCUMENT 8/8) will be on the bottom right.


For the puzzle, pull both lever and go down in the middle (where you drained the water) and free the cage. Next, pull up the cage by using the crank near the middle and then pull the roped weight so the cage is closer to the gate. Pull both lever once more, go back down the middle, and explode the sulfur gas. The explosion will cause the cage to destroy the gate. Now you can collect GREEK FIRE (SECRET 9/9) and unlock:


Exit the cave and go to the middle of the main are where the giant pole with a rope coil and a box are hanging from it. Climb the building that the rope coil is pointing to. Turn to your left and climb that building. BELL 5/5 will be here. Start heading to the Citadel Plaza Base Camp, but before entering the gate, destroy HEADLESS STATUE 6/8 at the top left of the gate.

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Now go to Citadel Plaza Base Camp. Stand by the lone horse statue and face toward the two horse statue that are standing near each other. Look above the left horse and destroy HEADLESS STATUE 7/8 at the top of a structure. Go through the arc across from the base camp and turn around to find HEADLESS STATUE 8/8 on top of the structure to the left and unlock:

Grab a bottle from the crate nearby. Toss it into the air and try to shoot it with the shotgun. If you break it in the air, you will unlock:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***Collectibles (Flooded Archives)Mural 3 - 4:42Coin Cache 2 - 0:08Coin Cache 3 - 0:50Collectibles (The Lost City)Chamber of Exorcism Tomb - 11:00 thru 13:00 Relic 9 - 8:43Relic 10 - 9:12Document 7 - 11:08Document 8 - 11:21Survival Cache 3 - 6:41Survival Cache 4 - 9:33Survival Cache 5 - 9:57Survival Cache 6 - 10:21Coin Cache 3 - 6:22Explorer Satchel - 9:22Archivist Map - 10:26Challenges (The Lost City)Banner 8 - 6:33Bell 5 - 13:56Headless Statue 6 - 14:21Headless Statue 7 - 14:44Headless Statue 8 - 15:04
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