Getting through Resident Evil 2"s enemies is made a lot easier with an unbreakable combat knife, which can be unlocked and added to the player"s inventory.

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resident evil 2 how to unlock unbreakable knife
Surviving Resident Evil 2 relies heavily on always having a knife on-hand. Knives are used as a sub-weapon, and are one of the only ways to get free when a zombie, Licker, or nearly any enemy grabs the player. Unfortunately, knives take up inventory slots, and often break just when the player needs them the most. Thankfully, Resident Evil 2 has unlockables, including an unbreakable knife, if the player knows how to get it.

Getting the unbreakable knife in Resident Evil 2 is a challenge, but a worthy one. Unlocking it means players no longer have to carry multiple knives, which should make playing the game over again - especially in Hardcore mode - much easier. However, just getting access to the unbreakable knife will require multiple playthroughs of the game.

In order to unlock the unbreakable knife, players will have to locate and destroy every single Mr. Raccoon toy statue in the game. There are fifteen in total, but it"s a little more complex than simply playing the game through. Due to Resident Evil 2 having multiple campaigns, players will need to play the game through at least twice, as the toys aren"t all accessible at the same time, or by the same character.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Raccoon Toys
The first time the player runs the game, eight of the Mr. Raccoon toys can be found. Three more are exclusive to Leon"s campaigns, while Claire has three of her own. The fifteenth and final Mr. Raccoon toy can only be found after completing the game once. The full list of the toys and where to find them can be located in Game Rant"s Mr. Raccoon toy location guide.

Thankfully, once a Mr. Raccoon toy is destroyed, it will permanently disappear and won"t reappear when replaying the game. This should make it easier for players to ensure that they"ve already found and destroyed each of the toys.

Once all 15 of the toys have been destroyed, the unbreakable knife will be added to the player"s inventory. Players should keep in mind that if the unbreakable knife is used to fend off an enemy, the player will still have to collect it in order to get it back, so don"t accidentally leave it behind.

Resident Evil 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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