When I post an image to a subreddit it doesn"t even appear under the "new" tab.

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What could be going on for it to not show there?



Sometimes you just have to wait for a while. Reddit just decides to mess up and works after 30 minutes or so.
Reddit FAQ is suggests this answer for new submission:

Why don"t my submissions show up on the New page?

I don"t know. They really should. Maybe your account has been blocked for some reason.

In my experience I never had this problem. Did you check that your submission is available in your profile under submitted tab?


If it is available there, it should have been available also in new page.

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Also mentioned in the FAQ

Give it a second. It was probably caught by the evil robotic spam filter, but we"ve created an even more powerful robot to save everything from the filter; it just can take a couple minutes. If it still doesn"t work, message the moderators with a link to the comment thread of the post to have it approved

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Sometimes it takes a while until it appears. Here is an example where a link posted 1 hour ago appears after a post from 6 minutes ago:


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