Red Dead Redemption 2 will make its players go through a bunch of challenges known as the "Sharpshooter challenges" which will test their skill level.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of things in store for the players and just like the otherassignments and challenges in the game, the players will only be able to go through these challenges in some sort of order. These challenges will also get harder as the player progressesthrough the game. Continue reading to know all about the sharpshooter 8 challenge in the RDR 2 update.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Sharpshooter 8

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Sharpshooter 8 -Disarm 3 enemies without reloading or switching your weapon

In the 8th sharpshooter challenge, the players will have to disarm a total of 3 enemies without reloading the gun or even switching. To do this, justshoot at their hands or arms in which they are holding the weapon and they are going todrop it for sure. Usingthe dual wield and Dead Eye abilities will provide a better chance of finishing this challenge.

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List of Sharpshooter challenges

Sharpshooter 1 - Kill 3 flying birdsSharpshooter 2 - Kill 2 different species of animal in the same Dead Eye useSharpshooter 3 - Kill 5 flying birds while on a moving trainSharpshooter 4 - Kill someone at 80 feet away with a tomahawkSharpshooter 5 - Kill 6 animals without switching or reloading your weaponSharpshooter 6 - Kill someone at least 660 feet away with a long scoped rifleSharpshooter 7 - Get 7 headshots in a rowSharpshooter 8 -Disarm 3 enemies without reloading or switching your weaponSharpshooter 9 - Shoot 3 people's hats off in the same Dead Eye useSharpshooter 10 - Kill 3 flying birds with 3 consecutive long scoped rifle shots

RDR 2 Download Steps

First, download and open the Rockstar Games Launcher.Log in with your Rockstar account data if you already have an account, else create a new one.Next, click Red Dead Redemption 2 on the left side of the game library in the launcher.Click "Pre-load".Finally, you just need to choose an install location which will have enough space for the files. A minimum of110 GB must be free for the preload.Click on "Install".Now the Rockstar Launcher downloads the game data and will be playable after the installation.

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