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Hayashi returns to the game after going on two dates. Lily has a fashion show and Hayashi thanks her for her dating advice. Sakurai now knows for sure that Hayashi is really Morioka.

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Koiwai downloads the game Fruits de Mer and calls Morioka if she would like to play with him. Morioka is shocked but excited. However, she does not want Koiwai to know she plays as a guy and creates a new female character. Morioka designs Molly from her character in a previous game and finds Koiwai as Harumi the female warrior.

Harumi was designed as a joke by Koiwai. Kanbe and Nico talk to Molly and Harumi providing guidance. Morioka is surprised how nice Kanbe can be and the hangs out. Harumi tells Molly that he has invited Sakurai to play the game.

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Sakurai sees the screen shot Koiwai sent him and believes he knows that character from a previous game. Sakurai creates a new male character based on the design of his character from that game hoping to spark something.