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pairing: Harry Styles x Reader

warnings: smut, breeding!kink?, daddy!kink, shower sex

word count: 8.6k

The past couple of weeks have been full of preparing. Harry had been working, Y/N had been working, using their time off to research or to just hang out and get themselves relaxed. Y/N had gotten off her period about five days ago and she knew that they’d be getting around to trying soon. They’d be having a few times each ovulation cycle just to be sure. They hadn’t really talked about the whole sex part either. It was sort of something they were avoiding until it was time it seemed. Y/N was nervous. Harry had a meeting with a potential client that he was out with and though Y/N was his manager, she knew he could handle it himself.

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Y/N was cooking a nice dinner, waiting on him to come home so they could eat and chat and settle down and talk about sex for what seemed like the first time ever? They’d talked about their experiments with others, but never about what they liked.

Harry was also nervous, of course but he was also excited. Today she was ovulating and he knew because he set up a tracker on his phone. They’d have sex tonight and to be honest, Harry did need it. He did badly. He hadn’t fucked in quite a bit and honestly, he was really attracted to Y/N. Her body was immaculate and since starting to see her in this new light, he knew he wouldn’t have a problem getting hard nor with enjoying himself or the sex.

“Smells good.” He smiled as he walked into the house, kicking his shoes off and putting the keys back on the ring. “What’s the occasion for such a delicious dinner?”

Y/N smiled when she heard him come in, “Yeah? Come help me out, would you?” She asked, giving him a quick hug as he crept into the kitchen. It was pretty normal for them, but there was definitely a new found tension between them. The way he looked at her, she could just tell he’d changed but it wasn’t bad at all. “I figured, you know… i’d set the mood and what not.” Y/N said with a small blush on her cheeks. She wasn’t really sure why she was feeling all giddy but she could only imagine it was because she knew she and Harry would be getting down to business tonight. She had prepared, all perfectly moisturized and showered, had candles going. Food was a perfect way to get all the senses going. “How was the meeting?”

Harry had noticed that she had set the mood and that was both arousing and cute. He loved that she had shown him this type of affection, giving him a new confidence in knowing that she was okay with this. Truly. He’d worried it would be one sided, the sexual attraction, but this definitely relaxed him some.

“Went good.” He smiled, helping her bring the plates to the dining table. “Love the setup, Bunny. Very mood setting.” She had put in effort and he appreciated it so much. She was so lovely for that. “How do you feel?” Harry asked as they sat down. “It doesn’t have to be awkward, you know? We are never shy about sex and stuff with other people. I get it’s different with us being so close but… we can talk about it.” He knew she felt weird saying it and it was the elephant in the room.

“Um…” Y/N started as she turned off the stove. “I’m a little nervous, but it’s an excited nervous… a bit giddy.” She explained, wanting him to know it wasn’t a bad thing at all. “You know how I am… just gotta warm up a bit and I’ll be okay.” It wouldn’t take long, as soon as they started talking about things it would be easier. “It’s just different cause I don’t have to like.. try and get you to like me, just gotta get you hard. That’s a whole other thing.” Y/N knew it wouldn’t be difficult, he was a horny bastard as is, but of course she wanted it to be an enjoyable experience. “It’s not everyday you seduce your best friend.” She teased. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t interested to know what his likes were. It excited her really, to see what her Harry was into and what got him going. She was curious as to how he was in bed though she had some hints. He’d brought girls home before.

“No, definitely isn’t every day. Maybe for a bit it will be though.” Harry joked back with her. They’d need frequent sex to get her pregnant and he couldn’t say he wasn’t looking forward to that. He really was. “You’re hot, Y/N. It’s not gonna take much for me to want to get going.” He knew that may surprise her but he was a horny man and he liked the idea of making her cum. “I’m curious what you like in bed.” Maybe it wasn’t proper dinner conversation but they’d been holding off a lot on it and he knew that she wasn’t the one who was going to ask, so he went first. “Amazing food, by the way.” It was always tasty. “Now go on. Tell me your kinks.”

Y/N rolled her eyes a bit, “Well, thank you.” Of course she wasn’t expecting him to go right out and say that but it did make her feel a little giddy. When he asked her about what her kinks were she wasn’t at all surprised. “You’re eager then, aye?” Y/N knew he wouldn’t judge, he never did. It still felt a bit nerve wracking telling him. She was naturally shy. “I’m sure you know I’m not too keen on vanilla sex… kinda like things to be a bit more exciting and rough.” She explained, licking over her lips. “Like the whole, choking, spanking, biting thing… like it to be messy too.” This wouldn’t be new information to him, he’d heard about all of it, but she needed to warm up to it before she went in. “I’m sure you can tell how submissive I am.” Y/N laughed and shook her head a bit. “Like being pushed around and told what to do… really big on dirty talk as well. I’m also really whiny, as I am in real life..”

Yeah… yeah, ideally? Y/N was Harry ideal sex partner. Kinky and messy and a sub to his dom. People sometimes got scared off by his wants, but he had a feeling Y/N could handle what he craved.

“Mm. You are submissive. I noticed that you like it when I talk for you when we’re together like that.” It wasn’t that she wasn’t able to— she was. He had seen it many times. But she liked when Harry spoke to people first and made the initiative when they were together. “Kinky fuckers, aren’t we?” He laughed as he took a sip of the iced tea she had made. “I like very similar things. I’ve got a very dirty mouth.” Harry licked over his bottom like. “Neither of us are vanilla. Not even close. But whiny, aye? I’d like to see that.” He couldn’t lie. It made it even better. “Love some begging too. Making the begging happen, I mean.” He clarified. “Now.. What are you holding back on me? I knew some of this already.” He narrowed his eyes at her over his glass, he read her like a book every time.

Y/N blushed a bit, not realizing he noticed it but hey? She couldn’t complain, she had found her dominant counterpart. It made her giddy to think about, especially because he had that mischievous and hungry look in his eyes. He definitely wanted her in that way. She’d gladly have him.

“Oh, I know..” She could admit she’d overheard him maybe once or twice. It was really hot too, she was a bit jealous but hey, she had always thought maybe she’d find someone who could be just as dirty. “Think that can be arranged.” Y/N squirmed in her seat, getting a bit excited at the thought. She didn’t really know what to expect but she was rather horny and in a way it was kind of hot to think about having sex with him. All these years of knowing each other and now they’d just get to go crazy and just fuck it all out. “What…” Y/N raises her brow, “if you’re a kinky fuck, you probably already know. I like being tied up, like a bit of forcefulness… just like, passionate sex really. Don’t want to think about anything but that need.”

Harry licked his lip at the confession. Jesus Christ. How were they so compatible in every single thing? He was unsure how he had gotten lucky enough to have this woman ask him to impregnate her.

“So you like role play, then?” He quirked his head to the side. “Cause… we both know this may take a few tries. So sex with gonna be pretty persistent for a while. We may as well have fun with it.” It was a relief too. He didn’t have to jerk off every day anymore. He could take care of that with her. “Have to admit we are pretty compatible sexually. I love being rough. Also the fact I don’t have to use a condom is the best.” He leaned back in his seat. “We can kiss, yeah? There’s no, no kissing rule with this?” He smirked at the trope a lot of books had. They weren’t friends with benefits. They were friends that wanted to be parents together. “I mean… it’s just, I do have a few kinks that are obscure? Not really to UA I don’t think. Think you know I like being called Daddy. I love that shit. But like.. a major thing is.. I dunno what I would call it. A pregnancy kink? Breeding kink? It’s just… hot to me. And the fact that we’re actually doing it, too. It’s the end goal, so like, s’a major turn on.” He could probably cum from her asking to put a baby in her, to be fair.

Y/N raised her brows when he mentioned roleplay, making sure she didn’t choke on her food. “Yeah… haven’t really done it with anyone before but like.. yeah, it’s really hot.” Y/N nodded and chuckled a bit. To know that they were sexually compatible was a bit dangerous. It made her giddy, she knew that if it was as good as she thought it would be that they’d be fucked. “We can kiss.. think it would be weird having sex without kissing.” Y/N scrunched her nose at the thought. It just went hand in hand in her mind. Then of course he had to drop the Daddy bomb which of course would get her all types of worked up. God, he just had to be the perfect guy huh? “Wait— you have a kink for that? And I just asked you to father my child so casually?” Y/N let out a breath, “Damn, I really do know you well huh?” She teased, shaking her head a bit as she finished up her food. It was getting closer and closer to their time together and she could feel the tension growing.

“Well, I really do want to be a dad, but I have to admit that I went and jerked off a bit after you asked me. Well— At first I thought you had found out and were fucking with me.” He laughed quietly. Their food was finished and there really was nothing holding them back besides the dishes to be put into the dishwasher and if she wanted to shower or anything. They got up and Harry took her plate to the kitchen, feeling her following behind him. “Listen… why don’t you go do your girly things while I clean up here.” He placed them down on the counter, going to cup her face. “S’just me. Don’t have to be nervous with me. Just Harry.” He found it exhilarating, leaning down to press a kiss to her mouth and pulled back right after. “Don’t need fancy knickers for me or anything but go relax. Did you want my bed or yours?” He wasn’t really partial to either but he knew she did like his room. She slept in there with him sometimes if she was feeling needy for attention— which was often. They never had this type of intention though.

Y/N felt those butterflies in her stomach all over again when he cupped her face, her hand naturally leaning into his touch. How was she meant to tell him that she was nervous because it was him. That sweet little kiss didn’t help either. Oh god. Why were there sparks? Fuck.

“Yours, please.” She had softened, her whole demeanor had changed. Y/N couldn’t help how nervous she got as she turned around and walked up the stairs. She knew that this would be good just based on one little kiss. So now not only was she nervous because she was going to be attempting to make a baby, but because she was going to have sex with her best friend who she had insane sexual chemistry with. If the sex was good it meant that they were genuinely compatible in every way. She’d be stupid not to make things official, but it was really up to him. Neither of them were fans of labels, but Harry wasn’t too good with committing, not that she was one to talk. However, they were both the only constants in each other’s lives. She had made herself go to the bathroom before they started, brushed her teeth and all and messed up her hair a little bit. She was already in her comfy home clothes, she only really just took off her sweats and climbed on to his bed, typing away on her phone to try and get the nerves out of her system.

Harry did the dishes rather quickly and started the dishwasher. It was distracting when his cock was hard and achy and he wanted to go have some incredible sex with the woman in his bed.His best friend was in his bed, waiting for him to fuck her hard and deep and give her a damn child. And he had it offered to him in a silver platter. He too had popped into his bathroom to brush his teeth and freshen up, not taking nearly as long as he should have but he was far too excited.

While she waited Y/N got herself in the mind set. She was no longer thinking about how she’d be having sex with her best friend Harry, but rather about how hot Harry actually was. He was tall, built, handsome, his voice was even attractive. If he wasn’t her best friend she would be all over him. But she got to be all over him anyway.

When Harry walked into the room and he saw her, just sitting there scrolling her phone in just her tee shirt on his bed. He decided then to be a bit demanding. See what got her wet. This could be good for them. He stripped his shirt off, going to stand in front of the end of the bed. At her confused look, he snapped his fingers.

“Come here.” Harry watched as she blinked. “I didn’t stutter. Come to the end of the bed and sit on your knees.”

Y/N has heard him walk into the room and glanced up, seeing he was already a bit hard. Then he snapped. Fucking hell. She set her phone on the bedside table and did as he ordered, climbing over to the end of the bed and sitting on her knees. She knew him to be a bit demanding, but this was new. She looked up at him with curious eyes, definitely dropping all those nervous feelings now that he was in front of her like this. Her hands instinctively went to grab at his belt, staring to unbuckle because she wanted him out of them. Just wanted to get him comfy is all.

Harry took firm hold of her chin.

“Daddy didn’t ask for that yet.” He was being gentle, but forceful all at the same time. He would be monitoring how she reacted. Seeing what she liked. It would be stored in his brain forever, probably. Her eyes widened again at his tone and how he had grabbed at her, hands falling from his belt. When she whimpered an apology, Harry smiled and ran his hand over her messy hair.“That’s my girl. Now… why don’t you mouth at me through the pants.” He knew he was being a bit much but hey— they needed to enjoy it. “Take off the belt, but suck through the fabric while you do it.” It was beyond obvious that they both were a bit worked up and he liked to use that to his advantage.

“‘m sorry, daddy.” Y/N mumbled, putting her hands back on his belt. She couldn’t help it. She was horny and she wanted to get his pants off but clearly he wanted to take his time with this. As if she hadn’t been waiting for this all day? She was always one to listen to orders, so of course she was quick to pull his belt off, her mouth moving to kiss him over the fabric. She sucked a little bit at it, eyes looking up at him every now and then to see his reaction. It was a bit strange to look up and see him, but it was also so hot. It felt like a taboo even though it wasn’t. It was as if he was the one person she couldn’t have and now she could have him whenever she wanted until she got pregnant. “mmm, you’re so hard already..” Y/N murmured, “did I do that?” She asked, sucking a little harder as she felt him stir in his pants a bit. Y/N decided she could start pulling them down as long as she kissed him over some fabric, specifically the fabric of his boxers.

“Mhm. You did.” Harry whispered, taking his hand and pressing her mouth more against his clothed cock. Fuck. He wanted to fuck her throat so badly. It was a lie to say that he hadn’t had sexual fantasies about Y/N— she was his best friend. They lived together. He saw her panties a lot. He was living the life his cock he wanted right now. “Got hard thinking about what you told me. That you like to be a dirty little cunt in bed.” He figures he may as well let go and let her hear his mouth like this anyways. She flashed her eyes at him and he felt her mouth wrap around the tip through the fabric, his mouth opening to praise. “Got myself a kinky little girl in my bed too. Loved hearing about that.” He held her hair to pull her back, tugging down the boxers himself. “Tongue.” He said the simple word and she delivered, letting him see the pink tongue laid flat out. Rubbing the tip over it, he hissed. Fuck, yes. He could see she wanted to suck. He could feel it and he loved it. “Want to suck it?” He cooed, watching her nod. “Good. Go ahead. Show me what you can do.”

Y/N couldn’t believe how insanely turned on he had managed to get her, it was so simple but she really wanted to suck him off just for being so goddamn sexy. She’d hummed when she wrapped her mouth around him, making sure to get it all nice and wet. She pulled off a bit and let her spit roll down it, her hand going to jerk off what she had left over. She really wanted to give him a good time because inevitably she knew that it would end well for her. If he was all hot and horny, he’d fuck her into the next century. He hadn’t even done anything to her yet but she knew he’d be good. Harry was good at everything.

“Like my mouth on you?” She asked, letting herself take as much as she could of him. She made sure she made little noises here and there as well so he knew exactly how she felt about doing this. Y/N genuinely wanted this too, didn’t feel like she was just sucking a dick, no… Harry was reacting so well.

“Mm. Best mouth.” Harry wasn’t exaggerating or anything. Genuinely, she had the best mouth. Sucked just hard enough and tongue rolled against the sensitive parts, she listened to his body and was able to get him all sorts of worked up. “Love how messy you are. Just drooling all over my cock. So good.” He thrusted into her mouth, making her hold it for a moment in her throat before pulling back. “Take off that shirt.” He ordered. Getting to see her tits was an incredible thing. His hand grabbed her neck and pressed her down against the mattress, letting her body adjust as he climbed between her thighs and kissed on her chest. “So gorgeous. Fuck. Look at them.” He kissed over a nipple, hand spreading her legs open a bit. He began to suck, making her squirm under him— and he loved it. Fingers going down to play with the waistband of her panties, he tugged them up a little to add some tension over her cunt. He just knew exactly what to say and do.

Y/N was melting under his touch, letting out a little whimper when his hand took a hold of her neck and pressed her back against the mattress with ease. Of course she told him what she liked, but they had a real genuine chemistry that she had never had with anyone else before.

“Mmm fuck—” Y/N moaned, feeling herself clench around nothing and pout. “Kiss me.” She muttered, her hand going to find its place at the base of his roots. He’d always liked his hair played with when they cuddled so of course she knew that tugging at it in bed was definitely something he’d like. His lips felt so good against hers, especially because she could feel a real passion between them. Y/N moaned against his mouth, pulling him impossibly close to her. It felt really good. She was really needy for him, not just his cock, but his mouth too. “I want you so bad.”

“Then that’s what you’ll get.” Harry murmured against her mouth, pulling back for a moment to yank her panties off. She was wet— that’s for sure. A stain on panties and her cunt glistening with the softness of her arousal, he was beyond aroused. “Christ…” he breathed, settling again and rubbing his cock between the folds. Getting himself wet with her cunt. It was so sexy to do this with her. The best he’s felt. “Hmm… next time I’ll lick you out in return. But you’ve gotten me so hard and achy. I want to cum in you. God, I can’t wait to fill your pussy. Thought about it so much these past few weeks. That you’re unprotected and ready and so fucking ready to be knocked up.” He hissed at his own words, rubbing the tip right against her clit. “yes… shit, it’s gonna be so good.” He moved to press against her entrance, leaning down to kiss her mouth a few times. “Let me in, baby.”

Next time? Thank god! Y/N thought. Obviously they would be doing this more than once, but like this? She was obsessed with this feeling, she already wanted more. Her pussy was throbbing, desperate to be filled by him. Y/N was so ready, she couldn’t wait much longer especially when she felt him brush right over her. “Please, Daddy!” She pleaded, bucking her hips up against him and letting out a little struggle of a moan. “I want you to put a baby in me, daddy.. please? Want it so bad.. want you to make me cum as you fill me up! God—“ Y/N was practically tripping over her words, she was horny as can be. The hormones had definitely taken over now and she felt so entering wrapped up in him. The moment he pushed in, she felt a wave of bliss overcome her. Yes, it did stretch her but lord did it fit so perfect inside of her. Felt like he was made for her. She knew that her words would get him going, would make him go crazy and fuck her like she was meant to be fucked.

Harry could tell she knew how to get to him and he knew that he was weak for giving in so easily but he slid all the way in her, cock throbbing and nearly weeping in relief. She was perfect.

“Ah, fuck me. You’re so hot and wet and tight… fuck, that’s what I wanted.” He hissed. Holding himself above Y/N, he felt one of her arms come over his shoulder and pull him down for kisses, which he happily obliged. “S’what daddy wanted. Fuck, my girl’s got such a filthy little mouth. M’gonna give it all to you. Get all my cum in that little tummy, make you full. I’m not gonna stop until it catches.” He wasn’t joking. He would fuck her until it catches. And maybe after if she was down, because this was better than he had imagined. He was thrusting slow and deep, kissing her hard as he felt her clenching hard around his cock. Like she didn’t want him pulling out even to thrust.

Y/N was a whimper mess. She loved the way he was thrusting into her, so hard and deep. She wished there was a way for him to be even closer but she thought that was impossible now. Y/N was desperate for kisses, her hand still in his hair while the other was wrapped around his shoulder and digging into his skin. She loved hearing him talk all dirty, it riled her up even more and had her hips bucking hip to meet him each time he thrusted.

“Please don’t ever stop! Fuck.. love the way your cock fills me up!” Y/N was definitely far gone.“Feels so good!” Y/N moaned, “deeper daddy… fuck me deeper, wanna feel you— oh fuck!” She felt her eyes cross at the feeling. He knew just what to do, he was incredible. Y/N didn’t understand how they hadn’t done this before because Christ was this better than she had ever imagined.

Harry moved slightly up onto his knees now and thrusted harder. He wanted to make her feel cock drunk, wanted to make her love being fucked and crave it. Why, he wasn’t sure 100%. He knew it wasn’t supposed to be like this but he felt all the way worked up.

“Take it then. Take my cock in your dirty pussy.” It was a beautiful thing, hearing himself sliding in and out of her pussy. Hot and slick, she welcomed him with each hard thrust. “S’that what you wanted, little girl? Wanted to take my cock harder?” He could feel her under him, see her panting against his mouth as he fucked deep and hard into her so she could feel every inch of his cock. “What do you think, baby? Think you’ll like getting knocked up? Hm?” He moved her hair out of her face before fisting it. “Think you’ll love the practice. S’so good, being in your pussy. I love it.”

“Daddy!” Y/N screamed, feeling him hit that perfect spot inside her. He had shifted them now and that seemed to do the trick because with every thrust he was making her eyes cross and she couldn’t keep those pathetic moans and whines from spilling from her lips even when muffled by his lips. “Yes! Yes! It’s what I wanted! Wanted your cock so deep it— fuck!” Y/N’s voice went high pitched towards the end, getting closer to her high. She would definitely cum soon, there was no question about it. Y/N was definitely in deep, deeper than she ever thought she’d get with Harry but she certainly wasn’t regretting it. This was easily the best sex she had ever had and she could say that with confidence. “Love getting knocked up! Wanna feel you fill me all the time! Please give it to me daddy, really want a baby, really want a baby with you!”

“God damn, gonna make me cum when you talk like that.” Harry huffed into her skin. The type of talk that would make him insane. She knew that now and he didn’t blame her for taking advantage of it. That’s definitely what he would do too. “Yes. Gonna give me a baby… gonna put it right in here.” He slammed deep, the both of them letting out deep moans from how deep and tight it was. “So soon. Gotta fill you to the brim with daddy’s cum and cock. All the time, yeah? Gotta take advantage of this time.” And her cunt. He would be using it as long as he let her. “Didn’t tell me you had such a perfect pussy, baby. Should have known.” He really had been missing out. They could have been scratching the itches they had rather than letting random annoying people do it. Honestly, if he wanted her at any time after this? He could have her. She was definitely all about it. The way he was fucking her, she was positive she’d have a baby in her in no time. He was so determined to get her pregnant, she was practically crying out in pleasure with every powerful thrust.

“I’m so close, Daddy.. please make me cum!” Y/N moaned out, her eyes squeezing shut as she hooked her legs around his hips and pressed him to her. “Want your cum! I want you to fill me! Please daddy, give me a baby! Wanna have your baby!” She was going for it, she wanted him to get off on her words and her cunt. Talking about what they liked prior to this definitely worked to their advantage but genuinely, even if they didn’t talk about it beforehand Y/N was sure it would be just as amazing. “Holy fuck! Harry—“ Y/N gasped, feeling the muscles in her stomach tighten as she got closer and closer. One more thrust and she was writhing in pleasure beneath him.

It was like they naturally called to one another. Their bodies knew what they wanted and what they craved and how each wanted to be touched. Every move they made pleased each other and that was something he hadn’t ever heard of before.

“Fuck, fuck, baby… Y/N, please cum for me.” Harry was unbelievably close. The thought that this could be a time where he put a child inside of her body was incredible. His cock aches and was twitching, ready to flood her cunt with cum. “Cum for daddy so I can put our baby in you, my sweet girl. C’mon. Want it so bad.” He was going hard and deep against the spot he had noticed made her go wild, panting hard.

Just like that Y/N unraveled with a loud moan. It was high pitched and full of pleasure, her body twitching beneath him. Her hands grabbed at him tighter ass she tried to catch her breath, bucking her hips up with a whine as she tried to milk his orgasm.

“Daddy, please… come for me, yeah? So good, feel so fucking good.” She breathed, pushing a piece of hair away from his face and went to kiss him again. It was a magical moment for the two of them. They were connected like never before and the concept of them coming full circle and having a baby together made her a bit emotional. Y/N knew that it was the right decision. In this moment she knew she’d be perfectly happy to tell her baby that Harry was their father. She was proud even. The two of them would make such great parents and this baby was really made with love goddammit. If not this time then the next.

Harry felt like he was gone. Completely obliterated when he felt her cum all over him. His cock slick with her and tight all around him, he got as deep as he could before letting out. A guttural moan came from his chest, eyes closed in absolute pleasure. “Yes— s’my baby.” He whined. Her body gave him what he needed, clenching rhythmically around him as his cum pulsed into her. “Yes, yes… mine.” That had slipped but he smeared his lips against hers and kissed her lazily as he felt the best orgasm of his life come through. Jesus Christ. What the hell was that?

Y/N was breathless even during their kiss, assuming that whatever was said during sex was purely a sexual thing and that she shouldn’t take it as gospel. Sure, he had said ‘mine’, but that could mean anything. Especially when they were just fucking to make a baby right? She couldn’t deny how incredible it was, even after they were still feeling the residual pleasure. Y/N had never cum like that before, never had someone fuck her like that. She wasn’t sure if it was like that for him but now she wasn’t sure she’d ever be the same. A whine came from her as he tried to pull his lips away, moving to kiss at his face and his neck. Y/N was really soft for him already, her body naturally wanting to give into him. They just laid there breathless for a bit, allowing their bodies to relax while he was still inside of her.

“Holy fuck.”

“Can say that again.” He laughed breathlessly. Fucks sake. She had gone and made a mess of him, that’s for sure. Though, truthfully? He loved that. He loved that she was so responsive to him and his cock and every bit of him. It spurred his want for making a child with her. “Was really good. Can’t say I’m gonna mind doing this.” He really didn’t think he would. She would absolutely be the most glorious scratch to his itch. It did worry him a little— his natural and perfect this seemed. He wanted to do it more and they would soon but, he needed to let her relax. Suddenly he remembered, pulling out and lifting her hips so they were up vertically. She squealed and asked what he was doing, and he scoffed. “Stop! Don’t try and move. Want to make sure it gets in. S’the best position, all the pregnancy blogs said it.”

Y/N gasped at how quickly he pulled out, “ow! Harry!” She squealed and kept her hips up in that position. “You got so fucking deep, I’m pretty fucking sure it’s in there.” Y/N laughed and shook her head a bit, but stayed in that position nonetheless. She moved one of his pillows there to help keep her up, closing her thighs together. She was still breathing heavily, looking up at him in disbelief. Y/N was still shocked that they did that, the post orgasm bliss sort of just took over and she felt like everything came crashing down in realization. She really just did that with Harry, her best friend and it didn’t feel weird? “Fucking hell—“ She chuckled and breathed out deeply, covering her face and taking in a deep breath because she swore if she looked at him for too long she’d fall in love. The fact that it was so natural, that seeing him above her like that didn’t freak her out? It scared her.

“You’re okay though, babe?” Harry murmured, rubbing her hip. Both of them naked and sweaty from amazing sex, he was already looking at her as if she was the mother of his child. Which was kind of dangerous. He knew it was supposed to be a platonic thing but sex to create a child had to be intimate. He felt so, at least. He liked being inside of her and seeing the new side of her. The one not many got to. And now Harry did, exclusively unless she decided to be with someone else. That made his stomach hurt a little to think about but he was pretty positive she wasn’t looking. “Gotta wash you up too. Change the sheets. Weren’t kidding when You said you liked it mess, huh Bun?” He snickered at her when she scowled. “S’okay, m’teasing you. I love it messy too.”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Y/N said with a small hum, “are you?” She asked softly, knowing damn well they were both ignoring just how amazing that was. Y/N had hoped it wasn’t a one sided thing, hoped he liked it as much as she did and that he wasn’t acting all soft just because there was a possibility she was pregnant. Part of her didn’t want to be just yet, she wanted to at least go through this one more time. What was she thinking? This was meant to be a platonic thing. Why did it feel so intimate? Why did she feel so loved and cared for? They just had some rough ass sex, she shouldn’t be feeling this giddy. “In a second..” Y/N murmured, pulling him closer to her so she could hug him from the side while she waited to make sure that the cum ‘caught’. Y/N just really wanted a snuggle, she liked attention from Harry a little bit too much.

“Course.” Harry would let her take all the time she needed. He was happy to love on her and make her feel comfortable. She was giving him the greatest gift. When they finally felt it had been long enough, she had been scooped Into his arms and carried into his bathroom. Set on the sink counter, he turned the water on and caught sight of himself in the mirror— feeling a warmth come over him. There was swollen lips and messy hair, a plethora of scratches on him. He loved it. “Alright, bunny. Should be warm now.” He carried her in tk make sure she didn’t leak on the bathroom floor, letting himself take the water so he could test it before switching them.“Sorry, you’re gonna be sore tomorrow, I’m sure.” He licked over his lip. “Worth it though, if you ask me.”

“‘s okay, it is worth it.” Y/N murmured and looked up at him with a sweet smile. They’d never showered together, only bathed together when they were kids. There was tons of photographic evidence of that. This was different though, a very intimate act that she had only ever shared with the one almost boyfriend she had. It didn’t feel like this though. She had gotten some shampoo and started massaging it into his hair, the two of them staying quiet once they had got into it. It then went on to rubbing body wash on to each other, another intimate act that Y/N didn’t realize would feel this good between them. She especially felt it when she was rubbing up on his chest and stomach, his back… or when he was delicately massaging her shoulders, breasts and stomach. Y/N’s lips parted with a small moan that left her, it was definitely unexpected, but he was properly loving up on her and the warmth of the steamy shower wasn’t helping their case. Not when they were both so wet and lathered up, both of them still very much swollen from the amazing sex they had.

He was hard again. Granted— he was in the shower with his best friend. His naked, wet, soft, best friend. And his cum was dripping on her thigh, and he loved it. It felt like a part of him was full of relief now. He had her all to himself and he was confident that no one else could give her what he wanted to give her.

“Don’t like that it’s out of you now.” He muttered. Pouting slightly now that her pussy was empty. It was annoying to him because in his most animalistic of brains, he knew she was in need of it. Of him. She would be able to take more. His hands moved down her waist and to her thighs, lifting one up to finally touch her cunt again. A drawn out whine came from her, the sensitive cunt obviously reacting to him. But he could feel his cum, pulling his hand back to observe. There was no hesitation before he stuck one finger in his mouth, humming at the taste. “We taste good together.”

One of Y/N’s legs hooked around his hips as he pushed her against the wall, her heart beating a little quicker because she wasn’t expecting his. Especially seeing him taste the mix between the two of them. Y/N just looked at him, searching in his eyes for a moment before deciding she needed to kiss him again. She didn’t stop herself, she just leaned up and kissed him deeply. Her leg brought him closer to her, whining when she felt his cock against her cunt. Y/N was still sensitive but she was worked up all over again and would make herself take it. Another orgasm? Why would she ever say no.

Harry decided to again, take his own action and pick her up. He needed to be back inside of her again. She had such a tight cunt and it wouldn’t hurt to do it again, especially because it was her ovulation period. He hauled her up and pulled her down slightly, sinking her back down on his cock. The relieved moan from the both of them was loud and echoed in the shower, Harry holding her ass in both hands as he moved her. He was strong. Very strong, actually, arms built from his workouts and she was very easy for him to lift, getting deep in her like this. It wasn’t something he thinks she’s had before, but it felt incredible. Warm water and Y/N hot on his cock. Tightening and clenching all over him and making his body warm up considerably.

“Shit… not gonna get tired of that.” He gasped Welty, feeling her mouth on his jaw and her little whimpers every time he moved her up and down on him.

“Please don’t stop—“ Y/N’s arms hooked around his shoulders again, letting out a whimper from just how good it felt. She knew she wouldn’t get tired of it either. She had quite the sex drive already but knowing now what Harry was capable of? Knowing that they were trying to have a baby together? How could she now take advantage of that? Y/N continued sponging kissing to his jaw and the side of his neck, gently sucking at the spot just below where his jaw met his neck. She didn’t really care if she left marks, it wasn’t like he’d be fucking anyone else but her. Hell, if she had it her way he’d only ever fuck her forever but— What the fuck was she saying? It was getting to her head. She squeezed around him, noticing he had found that spot inside her once again. It was like he remembered where it was, like he was meant to be there. “Fuck!” Y/N whined, feeling like she could cry at just how sensitive she was, “mmmm— Daddy!”

“Know, baby. Know it feels good.” He breathed. Yes, it felt incredible. So fucking good. She was incredible, this girl. He knew that from when they were children but especially now. Y/N has this thing about her, this beautiful intriguing thing. She had gotten him all worked into a tizzy now though. Finally having a taste of what had been a forbidden fruit, it was addicting. But he knew it was more than the fact she was off limits. There was now than met the eye and now he was fucking her deep in the shower. “Don’t want to stop. You’ve got such a perfect pussy, Y/N. Been hiding it for so long from me.” He teased, holding her still as he thrusted up into her. Her tits bounced and he could hear her whimper and panting at his fucking into her, and part of him was hoping maybe she’d let him into her ass. Maybe. He would have to talk his way into it. They seriously couldn’t go all be ten minutes without being balls deep in each other, Y/N knew they were in trouble. She knew that once she was actually pregnant and once they had this baby that things would be different, in ways she didn’t prepare for but would now have to.

“D—didn’t hide….” She breathed, another moan falling from her lips as he hit that spot again. His pacing was steady, getting a bit faster but she didn’t mind. It wasn’t nearly as rough as last time, definitely much more needy and passionate this time. “Been here the whole time…” Y/N couldn’t just admit to him that she’d thought about him fucking her before. Maybe once or twice she was a bit too loud when masturbating in hopes that maybe he’d come in and help her, have a meaning less fuck just cause she was curious. Who knew that asking him to have a baby with her would be what got him to fuck her. Now it actually meant something too.

“Never let me have it.” Harry muttered into her mouth. “S’so rude. M’your best friend and didn’t let me know that you have such a perfect pussy.” It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about it either. He definitely had. It was one reason he rarely brought people over. Only if he was desperate and had nowhere else to go— cause he would end up thinking about Y/N. Even said her name once. Home was Y/N and everything here reminded him of her. He couldn’t escape that. “It’s so good. So hot and tight for me and takes my cock so well. Think it likes being fucked like this.” He smirked, holding her thighs in his hand as he worked through her. Each slick thrust had her letting out a little noise, his smirk obvious with each one.

“Never knew you wanted it.” Y/N responded, kissing his mouth again feeling herself getting closer. Did he really want her before this? Was it just something he was saying because he had wondered about it? The both of them often did joke about how if they weren’t in a relationship by forty they’d just get married. Now with a potential baby on the way, she was starting to wonder if they should just do it anyway? Night was well? No, no… she was just cock drunk. So fucking cock drunk because Harry was able to so easily kill orgasms out of her. He was fucking magic, “you’re so good! Feels so fucking good, please— make me cum, please I’m so close, I want it!” She begged for him. She wasn’t saying anything about this baby this time though, she decided that this time, they were fucking because they wanted it. It wasn’t just because they were trying to get her pregnant. They wanted each other bad. “Make me feel so good, daddy…”

“Yeah? S’what I wanna hear. Want to hear my little girl is feeling so good on daddy’s cock.” He smirked and felt rather accomplished at the fact that Y/N was thriving with him fucking her. “Make you cum whenever you want it. Just gotta come and ask me.” He meant that too. If Y/N genuinely wanted to cum and was frustrated, Harry was happy to be given that honor. He would happily give Y/N any single but she wanted. Always. “You’re gonna cum. I can feel it. You’re squeezing me so tight, so good.” He groaned, holding her against the wall now as he increased his thrusts. She was drooling all over his cock, making him wet with the mix of their cum and her arousal. The slippery nature of the shower too, it made it more erotic. “So sensitive. Me too— gonna cum so soon.”

She liked knowing that. That he was ready and willing to make her cum if only she asked. She really hoped he meant it because Y/N was naturally shy with asking for things. She would likely hint at it and just hoped he picked up what she was putting down. Y/N wasn’t sure what this meant for their relationship but she knew she needed to just stop thinking about it so much. Nothing was broken so they didn’t need to fix it.

“Keep talking like that— fuck!” Y/N felt herself getting closer and closer with every word. His voice all in her ear, the feeling of him hitting that perfect spot and gripping at her thighs. It was all so good. “I— I’m so close, fuck— please!” She clenched around him, feeling it all hit her at once. Y/N was on cloud nine. She couldn’t believe this is what she’d been missing out in. The potential and chemistry the two of them had was immaculate. “Harry!” She moaned, her body shaking, clinging to his as she nuzzled her face into his neck and bit down on his shoulder. She was whimpering and shuddering in pleasure as he kept going, it couldn’t get better than this.

She was cumming on his cock again, and he could hardly believe it. The fact that she was so needy when she came, biting on him and holding tightly to him, it only spurred him on further.

“Fuck, fuck— s’it, I’m gonna cum.” Harry groaned, the bite sending him into a flurry of need. His cock was being squeezed hard and it took only a few more stroked into her pussy before he let go. He pinned her to the wall further, holding her as his hips stuttered, filling her up again.

“Yes, baby. That’s what I like.” He murmured against her head, eyes rolling as she pulled away to bite him on a more obvious space on his neck. It made his knees weak, leaning heavier into the wall. “Ah— fuck!” He hissed, thrusting hard once more time to get deep— also to punish/reward for the next bite she gave.

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Y/N smiled a bit against his skin at his reactions to her bites, continuing on with them because he clearly loved it. Small whimpers continued to slip from her even against his skin, knowing for a fact she’d be extremely sore tomorrow. Time felt like it was at a stand still. Like nothing could touch them. Everything was perfect.. things were good. With Harry still inside of her and her back against the cool tile, Y/N pulled back from his neck and moved to look at him. She used her hands to push hair away from his face before cupping his cheeks, she gave him a small smile, leaning forward to press a kiss to his forehead and nose, resting her forehead against his for a moment before pecking his lips. It was a soft moment. She knew now that they’d get all dried off and cozy, maybe they’d sleep in her bed because they were far too lazy to change their sheets. It would be nice for them to get all close and cuddly, to bond farther. Hopefully he didn’t think it would be a strange request.