Here’s a trade that teaches any wide-eyed trainer a lesson. If they are playing the Generation IV version of the games (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum), then they have the option of a few in-game trades.

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One trade that most regret, yet learn a valuable lesson from, is the Medicham for Haunter trade done with a woman in Snowpoint City.

Any well-versed trainer may think, “Trading a Haunter? That means a Gengar in return!” Wrong, unfortunately.

The woman’s trade comes with a loophole that most would never even think about: the Haunter is holding an Everstone! That’s right; trainers are duped all the time into thinking they receive an evolved Gengar but are stuck with just another Haunter with an Everstone.

Being the peak of irony, though, that is the only possible way to obtain an Everstone in the Generation IV games.

#4 - Spearow for Hawlucha (Gen VII)

Image via The Pokemon Company

Honestly, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon don’t have much in the realm of decent in-game trades. There is perhaps one exemption from that list: trading Spearow for Hawlucha.

Moderately early in the games, trainers are given the option to conduct this trade. To hold up their end of this bargain, all a trainer has to do is visit either Route 2 or 3 and catch a lower level Spearow.

In return, they have the chance to obtain a very strong Hawlucha that will easily help win battle after battle throughout their journey.

#3 - Luvdisc for Steelix (Gen VI)

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Pokemon X & Y are known for having a few pretty good in-game trades. The best of which is probably the opportunity to trade a Luvdisc for a Steelix. This trade is available because the person trading thinks that Luvdisc is simply the best Pokemon ever and is willing to give up a pretty strong Steelix in place of it.

To make this trade happen, all a user has to do is visit Cyllage City with the Old Rod, and a Luvdisc can easily be caught and soon traded for a mighty Steelix.

#2 - Ralts for Any Pokemon (Gen VI)


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Another Kalos region trade, the option to trade any of the player"s Pokemon for a Ralts after beating the Elite Four, is a trade that most will make happily.

When making this trade, the trainer not only receives a Ralts, as it arrives holding a Gardevoirite. It is a Mega Stone usable for turning Gardevoir into a Mega Gardevoir, making this way more than a fair trade.

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#1 - Any Pokemon for A Kalos Starter (Gen VI)


Image via The Pokemon Company

Another X & Y entry? This might be the best of them all!

This trade makes number one on this list simply because of the history it broke when added to the games. In the Kalos region, this is the first time ever in any Pokemon game that the trainer can simply trade any Pokemon in their party and have the option to receive a second starter from this region.