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(PS4) want blood infused carthus great sword and Blood rapier, life ring+3, fap ring +3. Have a lot ask

PSN ID: BewbEater

PSN ID: guason29-

PSN ID: Nawhyep

PSN ID: DatRascal

PSN ID: noahwaltman

Steam: Yeezy2020

You cannot comment or post trades to /r/pumparum if your hyakkendana-hashigozake.com account is less than 1 day old. This is to prevent shill accounts from scamming our traders.

Please read! Karma and Tips for trading safely!

Items That Can and Cannot Be Traded In-Game

Efficient Soul Trading Guide to Leveling Up

Please be advised: Do not drop more than 15 items at a time before they're picked up

Please be advised: There are storage caps for inventory items.

Here's the summon rules, but you can summon any level by using a password.

Keep in mind, you will not see someone's sign if you're not embered and you will only see white and orange summon signs in areas you haven't killed the boss yet.

How to title your posts

You MUST put a tag in your post indicating the platform. These tags are:

If you do not, you will be sent a nice message reminding you and your post will be removed.

Standard posting format is as follows:

W: X item H: Y items


<+10/+5> - W: Crystal Sage's Rapier H: Wolnir's Holy Sword

Look At The Documents Below Before Trading

How Player Trade Works

You Can Summon Any Level With A Password

Please be respectful and honorable to your fellow traders. If we get reports of someone running a scam, we'll smack the ban hammer down. However, it must be verifiable they actually confirmed a trade with you. Please reply in the threads. Please confirm trade is to occur in threads. Never reply to personal messages, as then I cannot verify that this person engaged in trade with you. We have a two strike policy, but that doesn't mean you get one strike. Play nice. If you get a strike you will be notified.

In addition, if you would like to vouch for someone's reputation, I'm sure they'd be happy to receive karma for it. After a trade has gone down, reply to their latest comment on your/their thread with "+karma" to give them their share, and make sure they give you some in return! More information on this can be found here.

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