Sun 27th Dec 2015

I feel like if this had some player choice, it would be a lot more interesting to more people. Sort of like until dawn or heavy rain




Sun 27th Dec 2015

I might get this, if only to support the localization of traditional visual novels.But that"s only needed so much considering how well Clannad is doing on steam.

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Sun 27th Dec 2015

I watched a video of this from Nintendaan, it looked okay. Some things I liked, some things I didn"t like.Not sure if I should get it or not, as it looks a little weird.Any other visual novels I should try out? 3DS or other?

Peace-Boy I"d recommend the Ace Attorney series, Etrian Odyssey series, Shin Megami Tensei series, and Etrian spin-off Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Also Level-5"s The Starship Damrey.

Sun 27th Dec 2015

Honestly, I only read the review because the intro mentioned Ace Attorney and Zero Escape. I find some visual novels to be brilliantly great fun and I"d like to see more of them released in the West.

Harvest December doesn"t appeal to me though. The lack of any gameplay other than advancing the text makes it comparable to a book or a comic, not a game. If it had a brilliant story then I might have been interested, but coming of age romantic love stories just isn"t enjoyable for me.

GloryQuestor I agree with AA, but Etrian Odissey a visual novel? First time I hear that. Prof Layton has more in common with it, but EO is more RPG than anything else. I"m not into SMT, but I think that falls into the RPG genre too.On topic, not sure this counts as a game, but I suppose you can pass it as an "App" of sorts.

GloryQuestor Oops, I should have mentioned that I"ve played Ace Attorney, love that series. I"m just waiting for Apollo Justice to be released on Wii U VC then I can finally play that one.Never played those others you mentioned though, but I"m fairly certain that Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei and Persona are RPG"s. I don"t think I"ve heard of The Starship Damrey though, I"ll look it up.

andrea987 Sorry if it"s a bit confusing, let me explain. Whenever a game uses ADV-style visual novel text boxes and graphics, I tend to lump them under the VN genre. Examples of visual novels I"ve played with additional elements asides from text-based choice systems:

Studio Crossfire"s Piece of Wonder (which combines Japanese visual novel with tactical strategy sequences);TOP"s Downhill Night BLAZE (which incorporates a driving simulation game);Nyx"s Lightning Warrior Raidy (which has the same first-person turn-based dungeon crawler mechanics as EO, but is still considered a visual novel series in Japan and abroad);Type-MOON"s Fate/EXTRA on the PSP (which has RPG elements and a Rock/Paper/Scissor battle system, but is still considered a visual novel).CROWD"s Brave Soul (A visual novel with a full RPG engine)

(Don"t just take my word for it--you can find these and many other similar hybrid examples on the Visual Novel Database (

Mon 28th Dec 2015

I remember seeing this on the Japan shop. Didn"t think I"d be seeing a 3DS visual novel get localized (aside from the Hakuoki series).

Peace-Boy If you have a PS3 get Steins;Gate. Full disclosure: I have not purchased this game myself. But I have watched the anime based upon it, and there is a reason it sits at number one on Anime News Network"s list of top anime by user ratings. Utterly brilliant story, and some day I"ll get the game. (And some later day the game will be moved from backlog to playlist.)

Mon 28th Dec 2015

Thanks to 9 persons 9 hours 9 doors and it"s sequel virtue"s last reward I am a huge fan of visual novels so I will be supporting this release. My crowning hope though is to see English versions of Kotaro Uchikoshi"s (the writer for 999 and VLR) other games like Memories Off, Never 7 and most importantly, a port of Ever 17 that doesn"t cost $500 on amazon for an open box on PC. Even the anime Punch Line he did was pretty great.

PanurgeJr I have a PS3 and PS Vita which that game is both on, and I usually prefer playing VN"s on handheld anyway.But unfortunately the game"s content puts me off from playing it: strong language, sexual content etc.Maybe if it was mild, I wouldn"t mind, but oh well. Please don"t criticize me just because I"m sensitive to this kind of stuff. I just find it disturbing.

GloryQuestor Thanks for clarifying, but I prefer to keep things simple. I don"t know any of the ones you listed, but I played EO series, and I personally consider them RPG, as any other game with heavy RPG mechanics. If we start considering VN anything that has some scene explained with images/dialogue, then we might as well include 99% of the games ever released. I just downloaded Legend of Kay from the eshop, and that feature pictures and dialogue as the story progress, but I"m sure you know it"s a 3D platformer/action adventure, definitely not a visual novel.

Mon 28th Dec 2015

Will get this, the art looks decent. There is no choices in this game at all? How many hours this game will last? Also how will you rate the story part only (I assume the 6 it"s getting is from lack of features)?

kiigu I"m curious about that too. By definition, a VN isn"t really a game, and is very difficult to rate as one.

From what I researched, There are no choices, but this is technically 13 visual novels back to back each being several hours to read each... which is a pretty long read for a kinetic VN.

Tue 29th Dec 2015

I"ve been super interested in this for a while now, but still know almost nothing about it even after reading reviews and the like. It sounds like a love story first and foremost, but is there any comedy? How did it earn it"s "M" rating? It seems pretty tame by comparison to something like MoeCureNet for example. I don"t want someone to read the whole thing to me, but I"d like a bit deeper of a synopsis than "Boy in small town makes big decisions in love and life". That story has been done a million times, in anime and VN especially.

ueI The review you linked does give a little more detail than any others I"ve seen so far and the author seems pretty into it. Thanks for sharing! I might just have to take the plunge and find out how it is for myself.

Thu 7th Jan 2016

Might be a late warning for some but the translation is actually rather bad in places. Having consulted with a friend who played it in Japanese, there are several parts that were turned into translations notes (eg. The part I just read has insert anything to do with finance here as a dialogue line) that were clearly meant for the editor to do something with but just ended up in the game unchanged. They also insist on spelling Onii-chan as Oni-chan which is unfortunately not a pun, to the best of my knowledge.

Fri 8th Jan 2016

Yeah, it"s a really sloppy translation (though I thought the "insert anything to do with finance here" thing was supposed to be a joke, not a translator"s note that didn"t get finished), but I"m still really enjoying reading through it so far. It"s been taking up most of my relaxation time at home lately.

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ElkinFencer10 At first I thought it was meant to be a joke, but I asked someone who"s played it in Japanese and apparently not. There"s also a line that literally says "unable to translate" (which might be a joke, but I doubt it now).

SMEXIZELDAMAN it is now $3