Gate of Dawn Shrine

Our Lady Gate of Dawn sanctuary, in Vilnius, is just one of Lithuania’s many celebrated pilgrimage sites. More than fifty percent a million civilization visit the shrine annually to watch the portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary that lies within its wall surfaces.

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The Blessed Virgin Mary of Ausros Vartai (Lithuanian for Gate of Dawn) is considered the guardian of Lithuania.

In 1993, Pope John Paul II prayed before the miraculous picture.

The shrine is located at Ausros Vartu 12 in Lithuania. Get in the sanctuary via the door on the eastern side of the street. Stairs, inside, lead to a small chapel where the icon is situated. Visitors. come and also go as they please.

Religious celebrations take area between November 10 and also November 16. The Feast of Our Lady of Mercy is on the 16th.

About Our Lady Gate of Dawn

In the sixteenth century, city officials built a rock wall roughly the city for protection. Two religious paints were inserted in its walls at one of the gateways. Facing external was the image of the Savior, dealing with in towards the city, a snapshot of the Blessed Virgin.

The neighborhood monks who developed a monastery near the gate began to take treatment of the painting in 1626. They constructed a wood chapel over the gate in 1671.

The wall was damaged, in 1795, in the time of the years Russia populated Lithuania. The only thing that stayed standing was the Gate of Dawn shrine.

In 1715 as soon as a fire ruined the wooden chapel, the picture was rescued and also placed in the church at the monastery till a brand-new chapel was developed on the original site in 1726.

The shrine grew in popularity over the years, but in 1944, the Soviets put an finish to spiritual services at the shrine.

When Lithuania declared its self-reliance, forty-five years later, services were resumed.

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The picture is just one of the 5 crowned images of the Blessed Virgin in Lithuania. But it is the just one where Mary is shown without a Baby Jesus.


The miraculous painting of “The Blessed Virgin Mary Mvarious other of Mercy” is over the altar in the chapel built over the gate.

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