This problem occurs when customers attempt to accessibility the NVIDIA Control Panel but are unable to watch various other panes other than the Manage 3D Settings entry. This greatly occurs to lappeak users and also they deserve to often blame the integrated graphics card for this difficulty.

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NVIDIA Control Panel only Shows 3D Settings

This occurs as soon as the incorporated graphics card is regulating particular elements of your computer’s display settings. Sometimes it’s not a real difficulty and it’s rather a mistake by style. However, periodically you wish to modify specific settings about your NVIDIA graphics card but you are unable to do so bereason of this difficulty. Follow the approaches we have actually prepared in order to settle this difficulty.

What Casupplies NVIDIA Control Panel to Sjust how Only 3D Settings?

Tbelow are many reasons to this specific problem and also they are virtually solely concerned your incorporated graphics card which might be causing these problems. They have the right to often be readdressed conveniently if you can identify your reason from the list below:

Old or outdated graphics card drivers might be leading to all sorts of problems, including this one. Consider updating them as shortly as feasible.If the incorporated graphics processor is schosen by default in BIOS, it might cause all sorts of troubles and you need to change that as a feasible deal with.The NVIDIA Control Panel process may ssuggest be buggy so make certain you try to restart it.

Systems 1: Upday Your Graphics Card Drivers

This is quite a basic method for a lot of graphics-associated trouble yet customers have reported that ssuggest reinstalling the chauffeurs (installing the latest ones) readdressed the problem and also NVIDIA Control Panel will certainly lastly totally acknowledge and also usage the NVIDIA graphics card you have actually installed.

Click the Start menu button, form in “Device Manager” afterward, and choose it from the list of accessible results by sindicate clicking the initially one. You can additionally tap the Windows Key + R key combo in order to carry up the Run dialog box. Type in “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog box and also click OK in order to run it.Running Device ManagerSince it’s the video card driver you want to upday on your computer system, expand the Display adapters section, right click your NVIDIA graphics card and choose the Uninstall Device.
Uninstalling the graphics cardConfirm any type of dialogues or prompts which might ask you to confirm the uninstallation of the current graphics device driver and wait for the procedure to complete.
Searching for drivers on NVIDIA’s websiteA list of all accessible vehicle drivers have to show up. Make sure to select the a lot of recent entry, click its name and also the Download switch afterward. Save it to your computer, open up it, and follow the instructions on-screen in order to install it. Check to view if the problem still occurs.

Solution 2: Choose the Default Graphics Processor in BIOS

The worst instance scenario is that your computer system is constantly making use of your incorporated graphics card rather of the NVIDIA’s one. This must be adjusted inside BIOS settings and it can be done conveniently. Even though some people feel unstraightforward once making alters in BIOS, following the instructions below closely will certainly sucount cause no damage to your computer.

Turn your COMPUTER on aacquire and attempt to enter BIOS settings by pushing the BIOS key as the device is about to begin. The BIOS key is typically presented on the boot screen, saying “Press ___ to enter Setup.” or something comparable to that. There are other tricks as well. The usual BIOS keys are F1, F2, Del, etc.
BIOS – Press __ to run SetupNow it’s time to readjust your default graphics card from the included one to the NVIDIA’s one. The option you have to adjust is situated under various tabs on BIOS firmware tools by different manufacturers. That suggests there is no distinct way to find it. It’s usually situated under the Advanced tab yet tright here are many names for the exact same option.Use the arrowhead secrets to navigate to the Advanced, Advanced BIOS Features or a similar sounding option inside BIOS. Inside, choose an alternative named North Bridge Configuration, Video Configuration, Internal Graphics or a similar option inside.
Choosing the Main Graphics AdapterWhen you find the proper alternative in any kind of location of the BIOS settings display, look for an choice dubbed Main Video Controller, Primary Video Adapter or Initiate Graphic Adapter. Press Go into in order to select it and choose GFX0 or PEG to switch to a peripheral component interaffix expush card, PCI in order to usage a PCI-linked card or AGP to use an increased graphics port-connected card. The option you need to pick depends on how your card is associated to your computer.
Exit conserving transforms in BIOSNavigate to the Exit section and choose to Exit Saving Changes. This will certainly continue with the computer’s boot. Check to check out if the trouble persists.

Equipment 3: Disable the Onboard Graphics Card in Device Manager

If you wish to modify particular settings inside the NVIDIA Control Panel yet fail to locate them since they are tackled by your incorporated Intel graphics card, you deserve to pick to simply disable the included card and also usage the NVIDIA’s one all the moment. This will certainly settle the trouble yet might cause your laptop to have worse battery life.

Click the Start food selection button, kind in “Device Manager” afterward, and also pick it from the list of available outcomes by simply clicking the initially one. You can likewise tap the Windows Key + R essential combo in order to carry up the Run dialog box. Type in “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog box and also click OK in order to run it.Running Device ManagerBecause it’s the video card driver you want to update on your computer, expand also the Display adapters area, ideal click your integrated graphics card and choose the Disable Device.
Disabling the integrated graphics card on your computerCheck to see if other settings show up inside NVIDIA Control Panel after you rebegin your computer.

Solution 4: Restart the NVIDIA Control Panel Process

This technique is quite basic when compared to other approaches presented in this post and it deserve to be supplied if you were able to view all display-connected settings inside NVIDIA Control Panel in the previous and also the difficulty began to take place in the current. This technique will deal with the trouble if it was related to a simple bug.

Use the Ctrl + Change + Esc vital combination by pushing the secrets in the very same time to open the Task Manager energy.Conversely, you can usage the Ctrl + Alt + Del crucial combination and pick Task Manager from the popup blue screen which will certainly show up through several options. You can additionally search for it in the Start food selection.
Choose Task Manager from the blue screenClick on More details at the bottom left part of the window in order to expand also Task Manager and also search for the NVIDIA Control Panel It must be located appropriate under Background processes. Select it and also pick the End task alternative from the reduced best part of the window.
End NVIDIA Control Panel job in Task ManagerCheck to watch if the difficulty concerning missing settings inside NVIDIA Control Panel has been refixed after restarting NVIDIA Control Panel.
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Fix: NVIDIA Control Panel Shows only 3D Settings

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