NieR Replicant is full of choices and multiple endings, and at one point players will need to decide to do nothing or petrify Kaine.

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NieR Replicant is a game that is brimming with choices for the player to make. Some of these choices are very minor in nature, not having any long lasting effect whatsoever, but others can lead directly to one of the game"s five different endings. While players love having this kind of power to change how the game plays out, it also leads to a great deal of choice anxiety. Thankfully, only Ending C and Ending D are linked to a choice, and this is closer to the end of the game. For other choices early on, they mostly just produce minor differences in cutscenes.

Kaine is one of the main characters in NieR Replicant, and at this point in the story, she is planning on making a grave sacrifice. Players are tasked with choosing whether to do nothing and be annihilated or petrify Kaine in order to seal the door. Players don"t need to put too much thought into this decision, though.

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The short answer to which one players should choose is that it doesn"t matter. Both lead to the exact same result and only very minor changes to the cutscene right before it. If players choose to petrify Kaine, she is turned to stone and blocks the door shot, keeping the beast inside. This is the natural progression of the story and the way that things are meant to be. For the rest of the first part of the game, Kaine will not be in the party.

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On the other hand, if players choose to "Do nothing and be annihilated," Kaine scolds them and says that they don"t have a choice in the matter. This will happen as many times as the player presses that button, so it seems that she"s telling the truth. Players must eventually choose to petrify Kaine if they want to continue playing, unless they consider "be annihilated" to simply mean uninstalling the game and moving on to something else.

This is one choice that players don"t have to make because it really isn"t a choice at all. It"s there to give the illusion of choice, but those players crazy enough to actually choose to do nothing saw through that illusion. Players tend to have mixed feelings about these sorts of choices, but it ultimately does no harm. In order for NieR and Emil to live, Kaine had to make this sacrifice, it"s just odd that the player is given control over that.

NieR Replicant is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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