The New York Times Employees" Federal Credit Union is a federal credit union that was chartered in 1954. It is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. Membership is available to all New York Times employees, employees of many affiliated companies, as well as their immediate family & household members. Membership in NYTEFCU allows you to... show more

I was a a customer at New York Times Employees Federal Credit Union for two years. I opened the account while working for the U.S. Census through the Federal Government. It was extremely easy to open an and took maybe twenty minutes to complete from start to finish. For the two years I was a customer I used the credit union on a fairly irregular basis. However, every time I did interact with employees everything was easy and hassle free. All their services were timely, and easy to understand. I never encountered any problems. I have since canceled my accounts there, since I have found better ways to invest my money.

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My wife is employed with the New York Times and we were researching our options for credit unions since our bank (at the time) was throwing in crazy fees and becoming increasingly frustrating to deal with. We figured a credit through her employer would be pretty decent and it turns out we were right. I do most of the banking and every single person I"ve dealt with has been more than pleasant and helpful. It"s nice to go somewhere where you actually feel safe about your money and you are confident in the people who handle it. I plan to look into financing our home through this credit union.

This credit union is fair and knowledgeable. I first found out about them when my husband was employed by the New York Times. We wanted to buy our 1st car and were extremely anxious to find a reliable credit union. They delivered everything they promised! Both my husband and I have good credit records so there were no snags along the way to applying for a car loan with them. The process was quick and easy and the customer service department is incredible! I always know that I can count on them to answer any questions I may have.

This is a very reasonable credit union which I have used for the past few years. Their disclosures are very clear and I have never encountered much confusion about them. They have a disclosure page on their website as well. Their fees are not unreasonable - one of the ones I personally find annoying is that you are limited to 8 ATM transactions a month, and then you are charged $1.00 for each subsequent one. Customer service is always friendly and polite. I can"t comment on how well they handle anything more complicated than checking account transactions. Their mobile banking is fairly straightforward, no bells and whistles but still functional. All in all, I have never had a problem with them and would recommend their services over your typical bank if you are eligible to join.

This is a decent, reliable credit union that does its job properly and will not give you many problems, but is also nothing very special. My parents used it when I was younger and while there were no major customer service issues - ie ones that would cost you money - the staff was not always as knowledgeable as could be expected and could sometimes get confused about how to handle more complicated issues regarding transactions. That said they are generally friendly and work hard to solve whatever problems you have, so I would recommend them if you are looking for a credit union in the NYC area. Fairly good overall.

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The savings account rates at New York Times Employees Federal Credit Union can be either 0.05% for less than $50,000 deposited, or 0.1% for a higher amount.


620 Eighth Avenue, 28th FloorNew York, NY 10018•map

3001 Woodbridge AvenueEdison, NJ 08837•map

One New York Times PlazaFlushing, NY 11354•map

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