"Please don't hurt us!" A woman with bright blonde hair yelled, tears running down her face as she stood infront of two children that couldn't be older than 8 years old. 5 men stood infront of the family, his sword already slightly bloody as a lifeless body was behind them, the father of the two children.

"Hurt you? No we won't do that...yet. Right now, we are going to take you at that little daughter of yours and make you our play toys before the freaky ones take the little boy." The man said, an evil glint in his eyes. The woman started crying even harder as she shook her head in denial. The men were about to close in before a figure dressed in black separated the now family of 3 and the tiny group of bandits.

"You see, when I was a child, I was lucky. Apparently no one wanted to stain themselves with the supposed "demon", but I see you would have no guilt or regret over doing those things with these people, would you?" The man said, a single red eye with 3 tomoes spinning wildly. The leader of the small group laughed.

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"We have no business with you Mr. Whoever you are, but we won't think twice before we kill you like we did to that weak little man over there. So hurry along and I can guarantee your safety." The man in black smirked, his white teeth shining in the darkness.

"It's always the one that talk like that that die first." The mysterious man said. The bandit had a look of surprise across his face before it turned to one of anger.

"Oh, a smartass are we? How about I wipe that stupid off your face!" The man yelled, charging and swinging his sword down in an attempt to kill the man. Keyword is attempt. He found his wrist grabbed tightly and slowly squeezed. He fell to his knees as he dropped his sword in pain. "Agh! What are you doing to me?"

"You know, the usual. Saving a lovely family that had just lost a loved one. Which is funny since I consider myself an avenger." The man twisted the other man's arm in a hard motion, breaking it and earning a scream. "I loathe people like you ya know?" Was all he said before he grabbed the man by the neck and slowly started squeezing until he heard a satisfying snap, indicating the broken neck of the now dead man.

"Boss!" The group yelled before one spoke up. "You'll pay for that! Get 'em!" The group charged before the man held up one hand and did a single sign.

"Ninja Art: Chakra Needles!" He whispered as hundreds of needles appeared above his head and shot forward, impaling the whole group multiple times, killing them in a matter of seconds. The man turned around and saw the woman and her children shaking in fear. "I'm sorry I wasn't here early enough to save your husband. Forgive me." The man said as he bowed. The woman slowly opened her mouth to speak.

"N-nothing to be forgiven a-about. You saved my children and I. Thank you..." She trailed off, asking for a name without actually asking.

"Naruto Uchiha at your service." He made another handsign as a shadow clone appeared. "This clone will escort you safely anywhere you're going for the next week. Be safe." Naruto said before he disappeared in Kamui.

Somewhere in Ame

Naruto appeared in a Kamui and was greeted by the sight of all the Akatsuki members who have yet to die, including Pain, Konan, Hidan, Kakuzu, Kisame, Zetsu, and Deidara.

"Why was the meeting called Pain?" Naruto said, a small genjutsu over his Rinnegan, making it look like a regular Sharingan.

"All of us that are present have begun to think you are incompetent to lead the Akatsuki." Naruto rose an eyebrow.

"And you believe you would be a better?" Naruto replied in an annoyed tone.

"Indeed. For I am a God, and only God should be able to lead, correct?" Naruto just glared at Pain, not answering. "I'm going to take your silence as your answer. I officially declare myself the leader of the Akatsuki. Now, since you have so foolishly killed the Hachibi Jinchuuriki, we will go for the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.

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My sources say that they are in Konoha. The Akatsuki will deal with him after we deal with you."