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----------------------------------------Welp, Gloxina's true identity revealed this episode. It turns out that he's the first Fairy King after showing his true form. I do kinda like how the anime made his wings stand out more with the colorful style. I think it's also noticable that Gloxina has impressive offensive abilities and a healing type too.Looks like everyone got paired up this arc with some unusual teams. Meliodas and Ban, the dream team though :DOne of the other more noticable teams is Elizabeth and Elaine. (I think it's the first time they've offiically met) Seems the two are going to great friends. Meliodas and Ban made their opponents look like complete jobbers lul

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Pink hair guy and Sugita-san's character. That ex-fairy guy attacked Sugita-san's character when he's weak and cured him...The girls got alone. The opponents attacked, but princess cured them because of
KajiKaji's character x Sugita-san's character pair while their flying opponents. They got defeated while they fight over their girls.FukuJun's character getting damaged in because he's protected by titan girl's breast, so he got "damaged". Confession while fighting vs. their opponents, who seems like copies of one of fairies and OnoD's character?Their fight continues.

Love how Meliodas and Ban are in a state where they could completely ignore their opponents and defeat them with ease.The puppet that Gloxinia made seems rather familiar, while the puppet that Drole made is literally himself.

Gloxinia's true identify, damn what a twist reveal. He being the first fairy king and an ally to the demons. His powers are impressing. His wings are colourful, nice touch. I don't know if King could beat him.Elaine and Elizabeth are going to be good friends, there is no doubt of that. That comedy during Meliodas and Ban "fight" LOL. They really known how to entertain us, their interaction are really funny.King, you pervert boy lmao. His scene in the end was cool, showing the true form of his weapon. The aura looks amazing!
Ban and Meliodas destroying the enemies while having a waifu fight, that made me laugh hard.King was put in a very comfortable place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
So the way the episodes are paced, there's no way the story and the last fight with the commandments will conclude this season. Damn.
Great episode.This is funny xD Aww cute.. Elizabeth and Elaine is Good friend.Ban and Meliodas is my favourite lol 5/5
lol, Elizabeth healing was looking just like Asia Twilight-Healing from High School DxD.The ep itself was awesome
Nice episode again.Interesting that one of the Commandments is the first fairy king, wonder how he became on of them.Did they ever release the slow version of 'Perfect Time' that was played this episode and in quite a few episodes before this one? Is it named differently or is it just unreleased?Ban and Meliodas totally wrecking their enemies during their little argument was great. xDWhen King chocked blood, I thought something was seriously going wrong until I saw the bigger picture that is. XDTime for King to show his powers against those servants.
This show is trash, strength is so broken that it would make fairy tail a run for its money lol but forget about broken strengths, King ruined this series with his asspulls and for being such badly written character, probably worst written character in a battle shounen ever
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I thought this episode was pretty mediocre until Ban and Meliodas were "accidentally annhialating" 2 geeks in the middle of their waifu fight. That was fucking amazing.
Lol, Ban and Meliodas didn't even notice when they defeated those demons.King was lucky, really lucky.
the only legitimate parts worthy in this episode are elizabeth's smile and the ban and meliodas waifu war gag, other than that it was mediocre at best. don't like King, never did and probably never will
Somehow I'm enjoying this Diane more than the real Diane.......King was pretty darn epic at the end
Escanor is vulnerable at night and could easily die (I guess).Nice flat vs plot fight between ban and meliodas.
I liked the reveal of the first Fairy King, Gloxinia, being one of the Commandments, and Ban and Meliodas' "fight" was hilarious. It was also nice to see that despite her appearance, Elaine can hold her own in a fight when she gets serious.
I'm excited to see King go all out next episode. It would definitely be a good fight he if were to go against Gloxinia.Typical of Meliodas and Ban talking about which girl is best mid fight, their duo will be hard to beat.I wish Diane would get her memories back soon, I'm not sure what the point was in making her lose her memories in the first place as it just seems to be delaying her and King's relationship development. They might as well just confess to each other already.

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Good episode. But I’m a bit annoyed at how gloxinas demon mark on his chest looks like meliodas’s when it SHOULDNT. In the manga, gloxinas demon mark was different. Loved seeing ban and meliodas accidentally killing their opponents while they were arguing.
Kind of a funny episode. Although idk why they don't just fight the 10 commandments right away and say screw the tournament thing. Legit, they can all just attack the two commandments together and win. Meliodas and ban alone would be enough to take them I feel like. I don't see the point of them doing this whole lame tournament, like what's stopping them from just killing the commandments? Some vine magic? like really?
Those last moments I was chanting like this was both the Eastern & Western NBA conference finals... Let's go King! *Clapping & reap eating the chant*
I had a bad feeling a couple days ago and I think this episode all but confirmed my worst fears. The anime staff fucked up, again. This fuck up though might be the worst. The pace the anime went in was too fast and adapted too many chapters too quickly. And its not like there wasn't enough material, the idiots skipped a lot of important dialogue. The end of this tournament arc was the perfect ending to the season. It would've perfectly sets up the next season by ending in such a great cliff hanger. After that cliff hanger its basically a whole new arc with no good ending point in sight. How do they even expect to end it then? This entire season is mainly set up for what comes next.I'm amazed they could screw up this badly, I have no clue how they're gonna end it but I know it'll be disappointing. Maybe they might add Vampires of Edinburgh (which is actually important plot wise) to extend this arc but I have no clue how they're gonna fit it in. It's such a shame to see such a great manga ruined by such an incompetent anime staff.