My Hero Academia: 10 Things About The Big Three That Make No Sense Like most shonen anime, My Hero Academia is full of strange stuff, but these 10 inconsistencies regarding the Big Three are particularly strange.

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The Big Three
My Hero Academia"s U.A. High School is Japan"s most prestigious hero academy, famous for its rigorous curriculum and ability to churn out famous heroes. Anyone entering these halls is destined for greatness, which is what makes the idea of the best of the best so much more intriguing. The Big Three, Mirio Togata, Nijire Hado, and Tamaki Amijiki, all portray different yet exceptional qualities befitting a future Pro Hero and are definitely characters to look out for in the future.

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With that being said, there are a few things about them that can still make fans question what makes a #1 Hero. With as many questions as achievements within their careers, there are a few things about The Big Three that just don"t make sense.

One of the most glaring things to stand out about The Big Three is the fact that they didn"t rank high during U.A."s Sports Festival. The Sports Festival is the ultimate gauntlet within the hero course that gauges each student"s athletic ability and power within a variety of challenges.

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Being able to climb one"s way through the festival means that one has the versatility, intelligence, and strength to be an ideal hero and that directly affects one"s internship opportunities within the aftermath. Given that U.A."s presumed best didn"t do so well during the festival, one has to either wonder how versatile and powerful these kids really are or, even more worryingly, how valid the Sports Festival really is at testing future heroes.

Nejire Playing With Ashido's Horns
While each of The Big Three certainly has strong traits for a future hero, they all could improve within a certain area: their bedside manner. In addition to having power Quirks, each of The Big Three has a few social quirks that may make the social interaction and trust-building of hero work a little difficult.

Tamaki"s social anxiety and cynical nature make it hard for him to just look people in the eye. Nejire Hado is nice, but she has a tendency to bluntly call out people"s physical differences, something that must get annoying in the Quirk world. Mirio likely has the best attitude between them, but he still has a goofy nature that makes it hard to take him seriously.

The Big Three Debut
While the idea of a "Big Three" may have seemed cool at the time, one does have to wonder how exactly these kids got their prestige. Given how versatile hero work can be, any metric outside of actual hero work has to be subjective to an extent. In Class 1-A, in particular, Bakugo ranked high during the entrance exams, but he has lost different opportunities due to his attitude problem.

Momo Yaoyorozu is ranked highly in terms of academics, but she has struggled to show her skills practically. Given that The Big Three didn"t do well in an event that directly tests their strengths, and, as students, are probably not given explicit credit for helping in certain cases, what standard makes them the de facto best?

7 Tamaki"s Manifest

Tamaki Uses Manifest
With his Quirk, Manifest, Tamaki is able to replicate the properties of anything he eats. However, the way that he does this is a little strange. Instead of just copying the properties of what he eats, he"s able to replicate nearly its entire body on any part of his body, such as how he can replace his hand with an entire clam. Why didn"t he just harden his skin or turn his head into a clam?

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Besides aesthetic quandaries, Tamaki also neglects one of the coolest features about his Quirk, copying other Quirks. So long as a Quirk is seemingly mutant class, he is able to copy it the same way that he copies animal parts. However, instead of keeping the hairs of other heroes, he pretty much just sticks to chicken and clams.

Permeation is not as aesthetically strange as Manifest, but, conceptually speaking, it is much more convoluted. Though his ability grants him the power to phase through solid objects, Mirio still somehow maintains mass and can fall through the ground beneath him. Even when he is purposefully moving through an object, he"ll lose some of his senses, making control over it much more difficult.

On top of that, Permeation somehow transforms into a warping ability whenever Mirio tries to change back while phasing through things. Almost as if reality itself is correcting a computing error, Mirio is launched through the air from wherever he was phasing from.

5 Nejire"s Lack Of Screen Time

Nejire Hado has a much easier Quirk to understand than her compatriots. She does the Shonen blast thing. However, despite her better accessibility and rank as one of The Big Three, Nejire has some of the worst screen time in the series.

Even during the Shie Hassaikai arc, the plot where The Big Three gets to show their stuff, Nejire was sidelined to do off-screen damage control while Mirio and Tamaki not only got some epic fights, but they even had plenty of time for sad backstories. Nejire Hado is supposed to be their peer but essentially just shows up whenever The Big Three are mentioned.

While Nejire is perhaps the biggest victim out of The Big Three in this regard, the group as a whole is a hugely neglected aspect of the story. Though they are regarded as U.A."s best, The Big Three rarely appear across the story.

Even during the Paranormal Liberation War, an arc dedicated to bringing out nearly every character imaginable, Class 1-A, the newbies, have taken a much more prominent role than the kids who presumably rival even the Pro Heroes.

3 Mirio"s Fight With Class 1-A

When The Big Three were tasked with lecturing Class 1-A the benefits of Hero Work-Studies, Mirio Togata took the initiative... by beating up all of Class 1-A. There"s no doubt that this was a humbling experience for the group, but one does have to wonder if this was the most descriptive way to describe the program.

There"s no telling in this situation if Mirio was using experience in this battle, or if he, as an upperclassmen or someone with a powerful Quirk, was just stronger than all of Class 1-A. Hero work also covers a variety of areas besides combat, so his example didn"t really satisfy the needs of people like Tsuyu Asui or Uraraka Ochaco who want to go into disaster relief. The only real experience he gave was what color wallpaper Recover Girl has in her office.

While Miro Togata was testing Class 1-A, Aizawa offhandedly mentions that Mirio is already a candidate for #1. This isn"t just a comparison to U.A. students but to all Pro Heroes. Aizawa"s claim does a great job of hyping up Mirio Togata, but he doesn"t really describe how he got that acclaim. Mirio is definitely strong, but he didn"t come off as so overpowered that he could rival the strength of Endeavor or Hawks.

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If he had accolades deserving of such speculation, one would also think that everyone would also have heard of him, the wonder boy who"s stopped villains and saved millions of lives. Besides U.A."s metrics, which, as described earlier, could be a little shaky, how has Mirio rivaled the world"s greatest heroes?

1 Not Being Mentioned For Most Of The Year

Following along that same train of thought, why does it seem like no one actually knows about The Big Three? The group in their entirety are known for not only being the best of U.A., but as students who can rival the pros, as well. One would think that they would be known across all of Japan, if not, at least, U.A.. But, when they appeared, the entire class seemed very confused as to who they were.

Even Deku, who kept up with the other classes in the Sports Festival, didn"t even think they were all that great during their run. Why were these kids namedropped so late in the game, and why was everyone a little more surprised than they should"ve been?