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It is good to see you, George. Not that I ever forgot you. You gave me so much. What did I give you?You taught me about concentration. At first I thought that meant just being still, but I was to understand it meant much more. You meant to tell me to be where I was, not some place in the past or future. I worried too much about tomorrow. What about you? Are you working on something new?No. I am not working on anything new. That is not like you, George. I've nothing to sayYou have many things. Well, nothing that's not been saidSaid by you, though, George
I do not know where to goAnd nor did II want to make things that countThings that will be newI did what I had to doWhat am I to do?Move onStop worrying where you're goingMove onIf you can know where you're goingYou've goneJust keep moving onI chose and my world was shakenSo what?The choice may have been mistakenThe choosing was notYou have to move on
Look at what you wantNot at where you areNot at what you'll beLook at all the things you've done for meOpened up my eyesTaught me how to seeNotice every treeNotice every treeUnderstand the lightUnderstand the lightConcentrate on nowI want to move onI want to explore the lightI want to know how to get throughThrough to something newSomething of my own
Move onMove onStop worrying if your visionIs newLet others make that decisionThey usually doYou keep moving on
Look at what you've doneThen at what you wantNot at where you areWhat you'll beLook at all the thingsYou gave to meLet me give to youSomething in returnI would be so pleasedSomething in the lightSomething in the skyIn the grassUp behind the treesThings I hadn't looked at'Til nowFlower in your hatAnd your smile
And the color of your hairAnd the way you catch the lightAnd the careAnd the feelingAnd the lifeMoving onWe've always belongedTogetherWe will always belongTogetherJust keep moving onAnything you doLet it come from youThen it will be newGive us more to see


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