Only Yoast is active for open graphs not Jackpack publicize and then how the og: tags are showing in the header of the page as shown above in the image.would be grateful if anyone can help



There can be two possibilities:

The other og tag is printed in theme"s header.php. If it"s there then comment that code and you"re good to go.

The OG tag is being generated by some function hooked to wp_head hook. Now it can be anywhere, in any file in plugin or theme. The best approach would be to check all the hooked functions for wp_head hook. You can do so by this code:

add_action("wp", function() print_r($GLOBALS<"wp_filter">); echo "";exit; );

Write this code in functions.php of your theme and look for all the functions which are hooked with wp_head hook. You can then comment the code in that particular function.

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answered May 12 "17 at 17:44

Pramod JodhaniPramod Jodhani
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It is possible that your template adds the additional og:url header (from your page source it appears so). You need to disable the additional headers using either a switch in template settings or by manual edit.

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answered Nov 7 "19 at 5:23

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