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- Laura, I don"t hate you because you"re fat. You"re fat because I hate you.

- I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school.

- I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we"d all eat it and be happy.

- She doesn"t even go here!

- Do you even go to this school?

- No. I just have a lot of feelings.

- Okay, go home.

- Sharon, I think you"re doing a great job.

- Thanks. I feel like I"m getting through.

- I"m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can"t help it that I"m popular.



Don"t be fooled, because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, she is so much more than that.


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Actors: Lindsay Lohan (Cady Heron), Rachel McAdams (Regina George), Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners), Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith), Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian), Daniel Franzese (Damian Leigh), Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels), Tina Fey (Ms. Sharon Norbury), Tim Meadows (Ron Duvall)

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