Premise: Hank's mom calls him with a huge problem. Tilly lives in Arizona and there is a bunch of furniture in Arlen that needs to move ASAP. It's at this moment that Hank realizes he is about to have the best Christmas vacation ever! He rents a moving truck and plans to drive the furniture himself. He even invites Bobby to join in the fun with him...but the father/son quality time is ruined when Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer decide to sneak aboard the truck too.

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Meanwhile, Peggy and Luanne dedicate this time to creating a new Christmas song that will blow all the other pop-culture ones before it out of the water.


Directed By: Dominic Polcino and Wesley Archer

Written By: Kitt Boss, Wyatt Cenac, Mike Judge, and Greg Daniels

Original Date: 14 December 2003

Fun Fact: Hank says that because he has a "class C licence", he is fit to drive the big rig. However, you need a "class A licence" in Texas to drive a semi-trailer truck.


I'm mixed. I don't like this episode when I remember it's a Christmas episode. But I like it if you forget it's a Christmas episode.

I do also love the guys hanging out in the back of the truck.

Y'know something that they should have done more in the later seasons is just more adventures with the 4 dudes in a truck or something rather than "Hank vs. stupid people".

I would absolutely watch more episodes of the 4 guys on dumb adventures.

Dale: "Let's just say mistakes were made. Then other, larger mistakes..."

Fun fact: Country music stars Trace Adkins, George Strait, Travis Tritt & Brad Paisley provided the voices for the other "real" truckers.

Mr. Boomhauer, are you sure you're able to handle this vehicle?

Yeah man, dang ol' piece of cake, man. Just like riding a dang ol' riding mower or forklift. You know, just like a dang ol' lion the same as a kitty cat, man.

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I see what you mean and I think it's because her and John Redcorn are in similar positions in the episode where Peggy finds out about them, that's what it reminds me of at least.