There are several kinds of mini-games to play in Hyrule as a break from the main quest, each with different kinds of prizes. This portion of the appendix will go over each in detail, as well as what you can win.

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I"ve provided the following quick links so you can skip to the section that"s of interest to you:

Treasure Chest Games15-Second Game


To access the 15-Second Game south of Kakariko Village, you must first visit the long house you find in these southern outskirts. Inside you"ll find a brother who has sealed off his room from his younger brother. Use a Bomb to blow open the wall (thus forcing the brothers to reconcile) and go out the other side to find the entrance to the maze that makes up this mini-game. It"s free to play, so walk right up!

The objective is simple: You must navigate this maze in 15 seconds or less in order to win a Piece of Heart at the end. As soon as you begin, cut through the bushes going north and make your second left (i.e. going west). Go northwest to where the three bushes are arranged north to south and cut through them, then turn west toward a sign. Walk due south from this sign onto two stepping stones on the ground, and Link will hop over the fence! This is a major shortcut, and from there it"s a leisurely journey southwest to the man waiting at the end. He"ll reward you with the Heart Piece if you made it in time. (If not, simply go back through the quarreling brothers" house to try again.)

Note that you can play the 15-Second Game again after obtaining the Piece of Heart, but there will no longer be a reward. Also note that if you attempt this mini-game after defeating Agahnim, there will be a Blue Sword Soldier roaming the maze!

Digging Game


South of the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World, where the 15-Second Game would be in the Light World, is a vast open field known as the Treasure Field. The Digging Game Keeper will loan you a shovel for 80 Rupees, and for the next 30 seconds, you can keep any items that you dig up in the Treasure Field. So dig as fast as you can! You can dig up Green Rupees, Blue Rupees, and Red Rupees, as well as small Magic Decanters. The true prize, however, is a Piece of Heart hidden randomly in the Treasure Field. It"s down to pure luck whether you"ll find it or not, so just keep playing until you do. This mini-game is also a decent source of money, so you should generally break even at least (though sometimes you"ll get unlucky and lose money on a round).

Shooting Gallery


One screen east of the Treasure Field in the Dark World is the Shooting Gallery--this building is marked by an arrow and a target on the roof. It costs 20 Rupees to play. After paying the fee, you"ll have 5 Arrows with which to shoot the octopus-shaped targets moving near the back wall, but there will also be hand-shaped obstacles moving in the opposite direction closer to the foreground that will get in your way. The more consecutive targets you hit, the more Rupees you earn per hit, as follows:

1st target in a row: 4 Rupees2nd target in a row: 8 Rupees3rd target in a row: 16 Rupees4th target in a row: 32 Rupees5th target in a row: 64 Rupees

So if you hit all five targets, you could win as many as 124 Rupees! Just hitting three in a row is enough to gain a profit, at least. Of course, the catch to this is that you must hit them all in a row. If you hit, for instance, your first three targets (getting 16 Rupees for the third hit), then miss with your fourth Arrow, but you hit with the fifth, then you"ll still only get 4 Rupees for that fifth and final hit.

If you"re good with the Bow & Arrow in this game, this is a nice way to earn some extra Rupees. Note that Rupees are the only prize, though. Unlike other mini-games, you can"t win a Piece of Heart or anything else here.

Treasure Chest Games

There are three different Treasure Chest Games, two in the Light World and one in the Dark World. They function just differently enough to warrant their own sections here.

Lost Woods


In the far northern reaches of the Lost Woods, you can find a hollow log that serves as the entrance to this Treasure Chest Game. For 100 Rupees, you can open one of three chests and keep the contents hidden inside. The potential prizes are the following:

1 Rupee20 Rupees300 Rupees

Great risk, great reward. But due to how great the risk is (and the ease with which you can make money elsewhere in the game), this mini-game isn"t worth it. I recommend skipping it entirely.

Kakariko Village


South of Kakariko Village proper, in the same building where the Shooting Gallery would be in the Dark World, is this Treasure Chest Game. For 20 Rupees, you can open one of three chests and keep the contents hidden inside. The potential prizes are the following:

1 Rupee20 Rupees50 Rupees

In general, you have a plausible chance of at least breaking even. However, even though the risk isn"t as great as the mini-game in the Lost Woods, I still don"t recommend it.

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Village of Outcasts


In the northwestern part of the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World is a building marked with a treasure chest on its roof--a clear indicator that this is the Dark World version of the Treasure Chest Game. For 30 Rupees, you can open any two out of sixteen chests and keep the contents hidden inside. The potential prizes are the following:

1 Rupee50 Rupees100 Rupees1 Bomb1 Arrow10 Arrows1 HeartPiece of Heart

Obviously some of these prizes are better than others. In general, you"re probably going to do better here than at the two Treasure Chest Games in the Light World. But of course the biggest draw of this particular version is the Piece of Heart that can be won here. Thankfully 30 Rupees is pretty cheap, so just keep playing until you find the Heart Piece.