Hey everyone, I can't find anything on Google, maybe you can help? I've reached bloodsworn with all three beastribes (and have the three prerequisite quests under 'completed' in my journal), but the quest "When Good Dragons Go Bad" hasn't shown up in Idyllshire.

I double checked my journal, and the quest isnt in my completed or current quests? I also waited a day in case it was a daily timer issue. What am I missing here? Its probably something rediculously obvious lol

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Have you looked at the quest information here? https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/When_Good_Dragons_Go_Bad You'll see which quests you need to have finished (incase you missed one of the ending quests from the tribes etc.).

Yes, that's where I found what quests to check for in my journal,and they are all listed under complete. Other then that, I can't find much info unfortunately

Do you have other quests in Idyllshire that you haven't accepted yet, specifically from Drydox? Sometimes a quest won't show up on your map because it's being hidden by another quest from the same NPC.

That's a really good point! I havnt done all the side quests in Idyllshire - I will check this when I get home from work :)

Have to talked to Drydox to see if he has the quest? I thought I had the same issue as you until I realized the quest marker is just a normal marker, not the blue one with the "+" I was expecting. When I talked to Drydox, he had three quests: two from HW I'd never bothered with and "When Good Dragons Go Bad."

Yeah, I'm thinking this is my issue, but I can't check until tonight when I'm off work :) thanks!

2 checks for you,

Have you done all the ARR beast tribes maxed and the final ARR beast quest? Have you finished the initial plot line in Heavensward? Up to the quest Heavensward I think

I had similar problems on alts and it was one of these on one and the other on the other (if that makes sense.) :) Goodluck

I'm nearly done stormblood msq, so not that, but I dont believe you need ARR beasttribes, my fiance got his dance before he maxed his out- think it may be hidden behind another quest on my map,as Shizucheese pointed out :) thanks for the help!


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