If you listen closely, you can still hear the howling of the leather-lunged lass in left field, cheering on her beloved Bucs with chants of "Let"s Go, Pirates!"

"Let"s Go, Pirates!"

"Let"s Go, Pirates!"

On and on it went; her shouting could be heard over the broadcast commentary. It would"ve been intolerable enough for a nine-inning game, but this is one that lasted NINETEEN innings, and served as a catalyst for the implementation of replay in baseball.

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July 26, 2011: The Pirates had won the night before in the opener of a four-game series. This matchup featured Tommy Hanson pitching for the Braves, and Jeff Karstens for the Pirates.

Xavier Paul started the game with a single off Hanson, and scored on Neil Walker"s triple; Walker would eventually score on a single by Pedro Alvarez. Pirates catcher Michael McKenry would homer in the second for a 3-0 lead.

The Braves would come back to tie the score in the third inning. Following two quick outs, singles by Brian McCann, Freddie Freeman, and Dan Uggla tallied the Braves" first run; Eric Hinske walked to load the bases before Jason Heyward brought home Freeman and Uggla with a single to knot the game at three apiece.

Both starters left with the game still tied at three, and the score remained unchanged as the game advanced into extra innings - the little girl still screaming as loud as ever.


Come the 11th inning, Fredi Gonzalez called on Cristhian Martinez, and he simply mowed down the Pirates for six innings by allowing just two hits. However, Atlanta"s offense was just as futile. Jason Grilli and Daniel McCutchen denied the Braves a rally at every turn.

Once Martinez was spent, Fredi summoned Scott Proctor for the 17th who, amazingly, held the Pirates at bay for three (!) innings - Pirates girl still screaming.

Then, in the bottom of the 19th inning, something beautiful happened: the rally cups were born.


Julio Lugo drew a walk; Jordan Schafer singled him to third. Scott Proctor, with no other position players available to pinch-hit, had to hit for himself.

At 1:50 a.m. ET, the game was finally over. However, debate raged on and on as to whether or not Lugo was safe. Some, like in this video, claim umpire Jerry Meals made the "unquestionably" wrong call.

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Regardless of whether or not Meals was accurate in his ruling, one thing is perfectly clear: rally cups > screaming Pirates girl. Every time.