The first LEGO Minifigures series was released in March 2010, opening up a new genre of LEGO collectables which continues to be extremely popular worldwide.

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There have since been a total of seventeen different Minifigures series released by LEGO.

Each of the past Minifigures series, 1 through 17, consists of sixteen unique collectable minifigures, except for series 10, which includes seventeen unique figures (the seventeenth design was a very rare Mr. Gold, with only 5,000 released).

LEGO Minifigure Themes

Individually themed minifigures within a series are typically based on either sports, movies, popular culture or history.

There are also several film and television themed Minifigures series, such as the Team GB Olympics, The LEGO Movie, LEGO Simpsons, LEGO Disney, LEGO Batman and LEGO Ninjago.

In terms of this guide, however, we will describe the numbered series, 1 through 18, as they tend to be the most popular.

LEGO releases a new numbered Minifigures series roughly every four months. This is always a very exciting time for fans.

LEGO distributes every series in "mystery" sealed polybags. This means that you are unlikely to complete a collection without having duplicates. However, it"s no secret that some people feel the bags to try to identify the character so that they can complete their collection and avoid duplicates.

LEGO Series 18 Minifigs Coming This April

The upcoming Series 18 Minifigures collection also breaks the trend, featuring seventeen different costume-party themed characters to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of our much-loved minifigures.

Sixteen of the Series 18 minifigures will be standard. The seventeenth figure, a 1978 commemorative Police Officer, will be special, rumoured to be inside one of every 60 bags.

Our first area of focus in this guide will be the LEGO Series 18 minifigs, which release this April, followed by a roundup of all previous series.

We will also endeavor to spot trends from the previous series that relate to the highly anticipated LEGO Series 18.

Without further ado, we present our full review of every numbered Minifigures series in descending order, from the latest to the oldest.

LEGO Minifigures Series 18 Collection (Pre-Release Discussion)


The LEGO Series 18 collection is due for release this April. According to, the predicted release date is April 1st, 2018.

This series is being hyped as the best yet.

The series will consist of 17 cheerful costume party-themed characters. The figures will ship with orange base plates.

With some very unique minifigs, this series perfectly celebrates the 40th anniversary of the LEGO minifigure.

There are also two brick-costumed figures (his and hers) that hint at the brick"s recent 60th birthday.

Characters in Series 18

Note: Evidently, there will be double faces, that is, a different face on the front and back of the minifigure"s head with different expressions, for Spider Suit Guy, Elephant Suit Girl, Cactus Girl and Red Dragon Suit Guy.

Balloon Artist Clown (The accessories look great on this LEGO Series 18 minifigure)Birthday Cake GuyBlue Suit Brick Girl (Obviously coordinated with Red Suit Brick Guy before attending the party, an "his and hers" costume)Red Suit Brick GuyBlue Unicorn KnightCactus Girl (Reminds us very much of Corn Cob Guy from Series 17, below)Cat Suit GuyCowboy Suit GuyElephant Suit Girl (The last time we saw a LEGO elephant was in the 2008 Indiana Jones sets)Fireworks GuyRace Car Guy (References the Rocket Racer Minifigure from the LEGO Racers game)Flower GirlPolice Officer (This LEGO Series 18 character holds a LEGO set accessory that shows an image of the front cover from the 1978 "600" set. The Police Officer also looks very similar to the Police Officer from the 1978 set. This is a great throwback to celebrate the 40th birthday and one that will surely be appreciated by fans worldwide.)Purple Balloon GirlOrange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy (References the Series 1 Polybag)Red Dragon Suit Guy (Our personal favorite as it"s very detailed and references the LEGO Fantasy Era dragon from set number 7093, released in 2007)Spider Suit Guy

Our favorites are Red Dragon Suit Guy, The Police Officer, Orange Balloon Lego Fan Boy, Balloon Artist Clown, Red Suit Brick Guy, Blue Suit Brick Girl and Race Car Guy. The references to LEGO"s past is what makes the LEGO Series 18 so outstanding in our opinion.

LEGO Minifigures Series 17 Collection



This series doesn"t have a set theme or subject to it, but it does include a diverse roster of characters in several different attires. Series 17 has some very interesting minifigs, including the popular Corn Cob Guy, which wears a full, well, corn cob costume -- full body costumes are a common trend in every Minifigure Series, but few are as interesting as this one. As usual, there are plenty of accessories and interesting items to add to any minifig collection.

Characters in Series 17

Battle Dwarf (comes with hammer and battleaxe; shorter legs)Corn Cob Guy (no accessories)Butterfly Girl (with flowers, the wings are rounded around the edges and transparent pink. This one is a personal favorite, because of the unique wings, even though the minifigure itself is quite ordinary.)Connoisseur (with baguette and a French Bulldog, original to this series)Dance instructor (with a water bottle)Gourmet Chef (pie with a unique strawberry print and whisk)Retro Spaceman (with an old-style ray gun and cape)Veterinarian (with a rabbit, original to this series)Circus Strongman (with original dumbbell accessory, printed with 100)Roman Gladiator (with a trident in gold)Pro Surfer (with a surfing board, printed with a shark)Elf Girl (with a sword and shield, this minifig has molded ears on the hairpiece and wears a long dress)Rocket Boy (with short legs, a flag and a full-body rocket costume. Torso under the outfit has a classic Space theme logo in grey)Yuppie (with a cellphone)Hot Dog Man (with a tray piece, a hotdog and a plastic cup)A mystery figure (this one didn"t appear in the collectables sheet, polybag print or anywhere else: the Highwayman, all in black, wearing a cape and with two pistols. This minifigure also includes a scarf around the face and a triangular hat.)

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 Collection



This one also doesn"t have a particular subject or theme to it, but it does have several different minifigures in a variety of styles and attire. There are some fairly unique pieces, such as the baby minifig, and a dog as well. Still, it"s a strong collection for the minifig enthusiast!

Characters in Series 16

Ice Queen (with ice beams and a new tiara piece)Desert Warrior (with a turban and scimitar)Cyborg (with a pistol and armour)Imp/Cute Little Devil (with short legs, a devil costume with wings, a tail and a pitchfork, as well as a pumpkin basket)Spooky Boy (this minifig matches the Spooky Girl from a previous series, and also, in a sense, the upcoming Spider Suit Guy. Has a book of spooky tales and a spider.)Hiker (with backpack, printed compass and map)Wildlife Photographer (with a camera and a penguin, as well as a winter coat hood piece)Kickboxing girl (with boxing glove hands and head protection)Scallywag Pirate (with a sword, a map, and a bald/bandanna hairpiece)Penguin Boy (in a full body penguin suit, with ice skates and short legs)Rogue (with face mask/hood and a bow & quiver)Dog Show Winner (with a terrier dog, original to this series, and trophy)Mariachi (with sombrero and a new acoustic guitar piece)Spy (with rope, backpack, goggles and gun)Banana Suit Guy (with a full-body suit, much like Corn Cob Guy from Series 17 and the Cactus and Flower Girl minifigures from the upcoming Series 18)Babysitter (with a baby minifig and a baby bottle, a personal favorite as the baby minifig is adorable, quite original, and was very new at the time)

LEGO Minifigures Series 15 Collection



Another series without a set theme, although there is some tendency towards natural suits and subjects, as well as at least two medieval-style minifigs.

Characters in Series 15

Farmer (with a pig and a pitchfork)Astronaut (with a flag featuring the old Space theme logo)Frightening Knight (with shield and mace)Clumsy Guy (with crutches, wounded face print and bandages for the headpiece)Tribal Woman (in Native American garb, with a wrapped up baby microfigure, which also attaches to the back of the woman)Flying Warrior with details in three different tones of gold, a spear and beautiful wings)Faun (a personal favorite; original molded legs, a printed flute and horned headpiece)Animal Control Officer (with a skunk and a hand net)Janitor (with mop, with a mop piece which was original at the time)Ballerina (with tutu)Laser Mech (with transparent "mech" wings, armour and an energy bolt)Kendo Fighter (with two katanas and face protection)Shark Suit Guy (a full body suit, in light blue, somewhat similar in design to the Atlantis shark minifigure)Wrestling Champion (dressed as an Ultimate Warrior, with trophy)Jewel Thief (with a grappling hook and a jewel piece)Queen (matches the King from Series 13, has a different skirt piece, a crown and a mantle)

LEGO Minifigures Series 14 Collection



Unlike the latest series (including LEGO Series 18), this one has a theme/subject to them! The theme for this series: Monsters. Released in September 2015, this series commemorated Halloween early. Each minifig also came with a code to unlock that particular chracter in the LEGO minifigures online game. As usual, there were sixteen minifigs, with cool accessories to match.

Characters in Series 14

Crazy Scientist (with an elongated headpiece, with goggles and hair; also comes with a flask with magenta interior)Plant Monster (with carnivorous plant head accessory and vine-like whips)Spider Lady (in a dress, with a transparent cape and a red spider)Wacky Witch (with a black cat and a broom)Specter (with molded legs, simulating smoke/ghost wisps in gray and transparent, original from the Ninjago theme. Has a glow in the dark head. Comes with chains, a cloak, and a hood.)Banshee (same as the Specter, but female and in green; has no accessories. Has transparent black hair.)Skeleton Guy (with a pumpkin basket)Gargoyle (with wings and a horned hairpiece with sharp ears)Zombie Businessman (with a briefcase and newspaper -- exclusively printed with "Zombie Times"!)Monster Rocker (with a guitar and a molded hairpiece resembling the top of Frankenstein"s monster head)Zombie Cheerleader (with pompoms)Zombie Pirate (with a peg leg, a sword and hook hand)Werewolf (with a large staff/bone-like piece, tail and molded headpiece)Tiger Woman (with a whip, cat ears on the hairpiece and tail)Square Foot (with a camera and molded headpiece)Fly Monster (with a molded headpiece with fly eyes in transparent red, transparent wings, and a bug claw piece -- a personal favorite due to how interesting and complex the minifig is)

LEGO Minifigures Series 13 Collection



This one doesn"t have a complete subject as Series 14, but it seems to have "subjects" within it. There are three minifigures with an arguably Egyptian theme, two with a space theme, and two with a fantasy theme. While we don"t have a single theme as in series 14, it"s still nice to have two or three minifigures in a somewhat related subject in a single series.

Characters in Series 13

Paleontologist (with a bone and trilobite fossil)Snake Charmer (with turban, a flute with no print, and a cobra)Egyptian Warrior (with a shield, scimitar and an Egyptian-style headpiece. A personal favorite, for the look, printing and details on the piece which makes it quite realistic)Sheriff (with revolver and wanted poster)Disco Diva (with an afro hairpiece, rollerskates and microphone)Evil Wizard (in a robe, an elaborate two-piece cape and a flame staff)Carpenter (with printed piece of wood and a hand saw)Galaxy Trooper (with armour and sci-fi guns)Alien Trooper (with a molded head and sci-fi gun)Samurai (with katanas)King (with a crown, sword and mantle, matches the Series 14 queen)Unicorn Girl (full-body costume, very much like the LEGO Series 18 Unicorn Knight, but in a different colour scheme and female)Fencer (with face mask and foil)Goblin (with a sword, sack and pointed hat)Cyclops Lady (with a molded headpiece and a club -- the minifigure head has two faces)Hot Dog Guy (full body hot dog costume, one of the most wanted minifigs in this set at the time)

LEGO Minifigures Series 12 Collection



Another series without a set theme, but with some interesting "matched" minifigs that can fit together. This one, like the other ones, has a more diverse cast.

Characters in Series 12

Dino Tracker (matches the LEGO Dino series, comes with syringe and compound bow)Video Game Guy (with controller and headphones in the hairpiece)Prospector (with a pickaxe, has a "Wild West" sort of look)Jester (with joker and ace cards)Lifeguard (with binoculars and flotation device)Fairytale Princess (with a pointed hat and a frog)Wizard (with a staff, starred cloak and typical blue-and-stars outfit)Piggy Guy (full body costume, comes with a green apple)Pizza Delivery Man (with pizza box and pizza)Swashbuckler (with a gold foil)Space Miner (with a helmet, hand drill and armour)Hun Warrior (with horned hat, fuzzy cape, shield and sword)Spooky Girl (matches Spooky Boy from Series 16, with a teddy bear and skirt)Genie Girl (with lamp and a snake or smoke-like piece instead of legs)Battle Goddess (with golden helmet, skirt, spear and shield, a personal favorite in special because of the shield and detailing in gold on the minifigure)Rock Star (with guitar and streaked silver hair)

LEGO Minifigures Series 11 Collection



This one has a quite diverse cast of characters. While we"ve had a LEGO Movie minifig series, this one almost looks like you could cast several old-style Hollywoodian productions with them. There aren"t really any characters you could match together into a "subtheme" inside this series, which isn"t to say it isn"t interesting! This series was actually not released in some countries at all, which makes it harder to find.

Characters in Series 11

Barbarian (with two swords)Scarecrow (with crow and pitchfork -- the crow piece was introduced in this series. A personal favorite for the ingenuity, the crow and the details on the minifigure)Pretzel Girl (with pretzel and skirt)Evil Mech (with blaster gun and an old Blacktron symbol on his upper body armour)Island Warrior (with a tiki-looking mask that covers the minifig face and half of the chest and lines up with the eyes of the minifigure face. Also holds a spear.)Gingerbread Man (special molded head, comes with a mug)Holiday Elf (with a present box, a teddy bear and short legs)Yeti (with popsicle, special molded head. Resembles the Square Foot minifig but white)Mountain Climber (with curled up rope -- original to this series -- and a pickaxe)Welder (with a new welder"s mask and a cylinder with a rubbery top for the torch)Scientist (with two Erlenmeyer flasks)Saxophone Player (with sax)Diner Waitress (with strawberry ice cream soft serve, a tray and rollerskates. This minifigure has "Tara" written on her nametag, in reference to LEGO designer Tara Wilkes.)Grandma (with a grey cat and a basket)Constable (with traditional constable hat and baton. His collar says 1337 -- "leet" (slang for elite))Lady Robot (seems to be a female version of the Clockwork Robot from Series 6)

LEGO Minifigures Series 10 Collection




This series introduced the mysterious Mr. Gold, a rare minifig that has since become a collector"s item. Only 5,000 of these were released and distributed randomly to both polybags and countries. Because of this, Mr. Gold has become a valuable minifig to own and collect. The rarity of Mr. Gold also created a lot of controversies when people ripped open polybags in hopes of finding him, sometimes even stealing minifigs. Some stores also kept back bags containing Mr. Gold to sell later at a different price. Ironically, Mr. Gold is the most common of the "rare" minifigs.

Characters in Series 10

Librarian (with exclusive printed book piece and a mug with "Shhh" printed on it)Medusa (with a molded hairpiece and snake-like bottom half, which is half hard plastic and half rubber)Roman Commander (with gladius and a red cape, as well as a Roman-style helmet)Warrior Woman (matches the Roman Commander somewhat, comes with a shield and a spear)Tomahawk Warrior (with mohawk hairpiece and a tomahawk)Skydiver (with backpack representing his parachute)Bumblebee Girl (with wings, pot of gold and a helmet with antennae)Grandpa (with newspaper and mug, matches Season 11 Grandma)Paintballer (with helmet and paintball gun)Sea Captain (with binoculars and a seagull)Sad Clown (in monochrome black, white and grey)Revolutionary Soldier (with musket)Baseball Fielder (with baseball mitt and cap)Trendsetter (with cellphone and Chihuahua dog)Decorator (with paint roller and bucket)Motorcycle Mechanic (with wrench)Mr. Gold (pearl gold all over, with a top hat and a tuxedo. The minifig comes with a staff topped by a "diamond" (clear) jewel piece.)

LEGO Minifigures Series 9 Collection



This series also is quite random and full of unique minifigs, with no special or rare ones included in this series. It does have five female minifigs, with three being in a dress and one being a mermaid. While this series had some original molds and pieces, they have since become more frequent.

Characters in Series 9

Waiter (with wine bottle and tray)Cyclops (matches the Cyclops Girl from Series 13)Hollywood Starlet (in a dress and a statuette like an Oscar, shaped like a minifigure)Heroic Knight (with sword, helmet and shield)Roman Emperor (matches the Roman Commander from Series 10, hair has laurel leaves and he holds a parchment)Policeman (with handcuffs and a badge)Chicken Suit Guy (chicken helmet and wings for arms)Roller Derby Girl (with rollerskates and helmet)Fortune Teller (with a dress, hairpiece with a purple scarf, with sun and castle cards)Judge (with a gavel, wig and red robe)Alien Avenger (with armour and blaster pistol)Mermaid (starfish and the fish-shaped lower part)Battle Mech (with helmet and armour)Mr Good and Evil (with a half-face, top hat and flask, a personal favorite due to the complexity of print and style)Forest Maiden (in a dress, with a bow and shield)Plumber (with plunger)

LEGO Minifigures Series 8 Collection



Another fairly simple and very diverse series, no particular theme.

Characters in Series 8

Evil Robot (with ray gun, a specialized handpiece and a molded helmet)Conquistador (with rapier, armour and helmet)Lederhosen Guy (matches the Pretzel Girl in style, with hat and pretzel piece)Cowgirl (with lasso)American Football Guy (with helmet, jersey and trophy)Diver (with a diving helmet and harpoon)Downhill Skier (with skis and poles)Businessman (with briefcase and newspaper)Fairy (with transparent wings, skirt and wand)Santa (with sack and cap)Vampire Bat (with custom-molded winged arms and hairpiece)DJ (with headphones in the hairpiece, with vinyl and cover)Cheerleader (with pompoms)Thespian (a personal favorite, comes with a skull minifig head and ruffled collar)Pirate (with peg leg, golden hook and sword)Alien Villainess (with cloak, a ray gun and custom three-piece head)

LEGO Minifigures Series 7 Collection



This series has a lot of accessories and original pieces (at least at the time) with the diverse cast of characters it contains. Back then, this series introduced sixteen new pieces so it was rather interesting at the time. This is also one of the minifig series to have a bump code at the bottom of the polybag, which identifies which minifig is inside.

Characters in Series 7

Swimming Champion (with a medal)Aztec Warrior (with elaborate headdress, shield and spear)Bunny Suit Guy (with a carrot)Bride (with veil, tiara and bouquet)Ocean King (with a trident, a hairpiece with a crown, and the mermaid-style tail)Bagpipe Guy (with a bagpipe, hat and kilt, a personal favorite on creativity and realism alone)Daredevil (not the Marvel character; with a helmet and cape)Galaxy Patrol (with armour, helmet and pistol)Tennis Ace (with racket)Jungle Boy (with a monkey and sword)Hippie (with flowers and headband in the hairpiece)Computer Programmer (with a laptop and mug)Viking Woman (with horned helmet, a shield and sword)Evil Knight (all in black, with helmet, armour, shield and sword)Rocker Girl (with pink hair and a guitar)Grandma Visitor (with short legs, a basket and a red hood... because she"s Little Red Riding Hood!)

LEGO Minifigures Series 6 Collection



This series had no parts made of cloth, a first in the minifig series which almost always includes capes or skirts of cloth. This series, instead, has a lot of molded heads (three), and introduced 18 new parts, which was very exciting back then!

Characters in Series 6

Bandit (with bandana and two pistols)Butcher (with T-bone steak and cleaver)Classic Alien (with special molded head and ray gun)Clockwork Robot (the original, square-headed robot, with a turnkey on its back)Flamenco Dancer (with a fan)Genie (with lamp and special lower half, seen in other "spirit" characters later on)Highland Battler (with shield and sword)Intergalactic Girl (with a ray gun)Lady Liberty (with book, torch, and the typical Statue of Liberty headpiece)Leprechaun (with short legs, a kettle, three pieces of gold and top hat)Mechanic (with a wrench and toolbox)Minotaur (with special molded head and an axe -- a personal favorite, as the minifig looks fantastic)Roman Soldier (with shield and spear)Skater Girl (with skateboard)Sleepyhead (with teddy bear)Surgeon (with syringe and x-ray, as well as a specialized hairpiece)

LEGO Minifigures Series 5 Collection



This one included the bump code on the polybags -- a special code that identified the minifig inside! This was the same method as in Series 7, but the actual coding was different.

Characters in Series 5

Boxer (with gloves and sparring helmet)Cave Woman (with club)Detective (with magnifying glass)Egyptian Queen (with snake)Evil Dwarf (with helmet, shield and battle axe, as well as short legs)Fitness Instructor (with boombox)Gangster (with pistol and gun case)Gladiator (with helmet, sword and shield)Graduate (with diploma, square hat and robe)Lizard Man (full body costume, with tail)Lumberjack (with axe)Ice Fisherman (with fishing pole and fish)Royal Guard (with rifle)Small Clown (with short legs and pie)Snowboarder Guy (with snowboard)Zookeeper (with a chimp and a banana)

LEGO Minifigures Series 4 Collection



We"ve seen a lot of sets with short leg figures here, but Series 4 was the first to include a minifig with short legs. This also had the bump code in the polybag which told those who knew the code which minifig was inside the polybag.

Characters in Series 4

Artist (with barrette, palette and paintbrush)Crazy Scientist (with flask)Hazmat Guy (with hazmat gear and spray gun)Hockey Player (with hockey stick, geat and puck)Ice Skater (with skates and cloth skirt)Kimono Girl (with fan)Lawn Gnome (with short legs and fishing rod)The Monster (looks like the typical Frankenstein"s Monster -- kudos to LEGO for the proper naming of the minifig as "The Monster" and not Frankenstein)Musketeer (with rapier and hat with plume)Punk Rocker (with guitar -- a personal favorite for how striking and fun it looks)Sailor (with telescope)Street Skater (with skateboard)Soccer Player (with trophy)Surfer Girl (with surfboard)Viking (with stereotypical horned hat, axe and shield)Werewolf (this design looks different from the Series 14 werewolf, it"s more like a regular minifigure. Comes with a bone.)

LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Collection



This series introduced the Elf minifigure, which became one of the most popular in the series. It was the first without a barcode that could identify the minifig inside, although the bump code helped with identification anyway.

Characters in Series 3

Hula Dancer (with cloth skirt and maracas)Tribal Chief (with spear and headdress)Fisherman (with fishing pole and fish)Samurai Warrior (with helmet, armour and katana)Snowboarder (with snowboard and helmet)Space Villain (with the Blacktron logo printed on his chest, a specialized hand, peg leg and ray gun)Sumo Wrestler (with award)Mummy (with scorpion)Elf (with a bow and shield, looks a lot like a Lord of the Rings character)Tennis Player (with racket)Racecar Driver (with an extra hairpiece and helmet)Gorilla Suit Guy (with a banana and a full gorilla helmet)Space Alien (with exclusive head mould and ray gun)Baseball Player (with cap and bat)Pilot (with backpack and helmet)Rapper (with cap, radio and microphone)

LEGO Minifigures Series 2 Collection



This is the only series without a sword thus far! It had a barcode system that allowed clever LEGO enthusiasts to figure out the minifigure inside. This was removed in Series 3.

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Characters in Series 2

Spartan Soldier (with helmet, spear, shield and cape)Lifeguard (with buoy)Witch (with a broomstick)Pop Star (with a microphone)Weight Lifter (with a dumbbell)Ringmaster (with a whip and top hat)Explorer (with a functional magnifying glass and binoculars)Karate Master (with trophy)Surfer (with surfboard)Pharaoh (with sceptre, matches the Egyptian Queen from Series 5)Vampire (with bat and cape)Traffic Cop (with speed ticket and handcuffs)Mime (with three extra minifig heads)Skier (with skis and poles)Disco Dude (with an afro hairpiece and an LP)Maraca Man (with maracas, a sombrero and poncho)

LEGO Minifigures Series 1 Collection



From LEGO Series 18 to Series 1, we"ve seen a lot of minifigures, but this is where it all started. In fact, in the beginning, LEGO severely underestimated the interest people would have in this. As it turned out, this first series was highly sought after, as the polybags in America sold out very quickly. Store stock worldwide sold out much faster than anticipated. Compared to later minifigs, these might seem quite simple, but they"re still quite sweet and interesting nonetheless. Let"s check them out!

Characters in Series 1

Cheerleader (with pompoms)Caveman (with a club)Circus Clown (with a horn)Tribal Hunter (with feathers in the hairpiece, bow, and quiver)Zombie (all grey, with a shovel and a turkey leg)Skater (with skateboard)Robot (with a helmet, all silvery, specialized hand as well)Demolition Dummy (with a wrench and PA770 license plate -- "Patto", the nickname of LEGO designer Michael Patton. A personal favorite for its uniqueness.)Magician (with a baton, a top hat and extra hairpiece)Super Wrestler (with a cape)Nurse (with syringe and clipboard -- clipboard references "Dawes" for LEGO designer Laurence Dawes)Ninja (with katana)Spaceman (with ray gun and helmet)Forestman (looks like Robin Hood: bow, quiver and typical hat with a red feather)Deep Sea Diver (with diving helmet, flippers and air tank)Cowboy (with pistols)


We cannot wait for April for the LEGO Minifigures series 18 collection to launch. This travel to the past does show how far ranging and diverse LEGO"s cast of characters is, and how many things we"ve seen already. We"re sure the new Series 18 collection will bring excellent additions to the minifig universe, while also keeping in tune with the traditions set before it, as enthusiasts enjoy the new full body costumes, special prints, pieces and much more.